Thursday, March 17, 2005

Dear Diary Thursday...

Mood....excellent but tired.

Yesterday was a long day. I did a 12 hour shift at work with no breaks and no lunch so that I would be able to get a bit more caught up. I hate having over my head that I have work sitting around or stacking up, it drives me a bit nutty. So it was nice to have almost everything off of my desk. Now I need to start working on that at HOME! Yes, I have work sitting at home that needs to be completed and that is a goal for this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, I am changing what I am doing. I plan on spending a great deal of it just hanging out with Dylan on Saturday and Sunday is going to be MY day. I am going to relax and do NOTHING. I think I need one day where I recharge my batteries, take some naps, and just relax. I am feeling very tired lately and I know it is not due to lack of sleep.

The furnace did not get fixed last night. The part was not "on hand" at the warehouse so they had to order it so I won't have it fixed until Monday, which I am actually okay with. It has been fun to run the two gas stoves and they REALLY warm the house up with no problem. Thankfully this happened when we did not have a foot of snow on the ground!!!

Tonight Dylan and I are going to be meeting with Chet and Shane so I can see all that Shane has made lately, do a little dinner, and then discuss the wedding. It will just be nice to be with my boys and to touch souls and enjoy the company. It has been quite a while since we were able to hang out with just them and relax. And I am hoping to meet up with the Poors on Friday and have dinner and relax. Another awesome couple that it has been far too long since we touched base with them!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Dear Diary Wednesday...


It has not been an easy week at all....lots of problems and emotions but it is all better now. The week has started off with our furnace dying. My cousin owns a heating and air conditioning company so he has come to my rescue. Looks like I need a new motor and he will only be charging me for the part and that is it. Then he taught me how to get my gas stove/fireplaces gonig and thank god we had those! Within the hour the house went from 59 degrees to 75 degrees! I even tried to turn them on this morning but the house was not THAT cold that I needed them.

Couple that frustration with Dylan and I having a bit of marital problems already. However, we have worked everything out and things are better now than they have been in a few weeks.

Tomorrow Dylan and I are meeting with Shane and Chet and discussing some wedding ideas. The one thing that I need to keep in mind, and Thank You to Toni for reminding me of this, is that this is MY wedding and things need to be done the way that I want them, not how the family or others want them. Thankfully I have such wonderful friends in Shane and Michelle who have jumped on this event and run with it....but kept me in the loop and informed. I hope after meeting with them that I will start to get excited about this.

Speaking of weddings, I am going to David's Bridal this weekend and LOOKING at dresses. No committment, but I should at least start to see what is out there and maybe try on a few. I will be dragging some friends along eventually so that I can get some EXTREMELY honest opinions on what makes my ass look bigger and such. That should be fun....

Monday, March 14, 2005

Dear Diary Monday...

Mood...glad the weekend is over!

Yeah, it was a long one....a weekend that I did not expect to be so busy during.

Friday night Dylan and I went to dinner with the Netzler's to the OG and then Dylan and I went to the Gateway for some minor shopping. After that, we headed out to Cottonwood Mall and Fashion Place Mall on quest for some new heels for work. I finally found two pair and then we headed home since Dylan had to go to work.

Saturday I spent the entire day doing yard work. I managed to get 7 roses planted, both the front and the backyard cleaned up. I then went over to the folks house and got my Daddy's greenhouse ready to go. It was a long day, heavy work, but it felt good. I then cleaned up and Dylan and I headed over to Toni's house and relaxed with pizza and movies. As pathetic as this is, I was falling asleep within 30 minutes of being at her house so we actually called it a night at 10:30 and Dylan took me home and put me to bed.

Sunday I spent the morning doing some grocery shopping with my mom and then the rest of the day and all of the evening was spent processing claims. I also managed to get a pot of potato chowder made, along with all of the laundry finished. It was such a long and busy weekend that I feel totally exhausted this morning.

Add to all of that busy work the fact that I have had a massive headache all weekend AND have not had a good nights sleep until last night, I am one pooped person!