Thursday, June 07, 2007

I couldn't possibly be this evil....I am a delicate flower!

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Dear Diary Thursday....

Yesterday was a MUCH better day at the hospital. They took my cousin off of sedation for twenty minutes yesterday morning and she is recognizing people, trying to speak (which she can't do with the ventilator) AND she is having no more heart issues OR blood pressure issues....they have totally stopped and everything is being controlled BY HER. The only medication she is on is antibiotics and pain killers. They still keep her sedated because they think her body getting the chance to rest, like she is, is doing the most for her. Today, they will be taking out the chest tubes, and hopefully, her respirator and stomach drain. She is more swollen than any human I have ever seen in my life, but the doctors have now increased her chances to 20% instead of 10%. The family has finally had a chance to slow down and take a deep breath. I actually got home last night (late as usual) and saw my husband for 10 minutes before he went to work, crawled into bed and slept the entire night......first time in almost two weeks.

And can I just say, there is probably not a better smell in the morning than a crockpot of lil' smokies and barbecue sauce?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday....

It has truly been a rough couple of weeks. I have a wonderful, wonderful cousin who has been in the hosptial and who has undergone two planned and one not planned. She is now on life support and each hour is a different situation. She has only been given a 10% chance of survival, but like I said, each hour is different. The entire Newsome clan is coming in from all over and my cousin's family has started flying in as well. They took her off the pain medication that is keeping her sedated long enough to check for responses from her yesterday and everything came back absolutely wonderful....but then she had to be sedated all over again as she is in so much pain. The small signs she gave where enough to give all of us hope....she is too young to pass and nobody, including her, is ready to have her leave. We are fighting for her, holding vigil at her bedside, keeping each other posted....just as is the way of our family. It is odd to many people that when one of us goes into the hospital, there is always somebody by your is even odd to me when I was one of those folks in the hospital and kept waking up, night and day, to someone being there....but it is also comforting.

Unfortunately, Dylan has seen me come unraveled a few times through all of this...mostly due to my exhaustion, but he has been a blessing. He has left me alone when I have needed my space, held my hand when I needed human compassion, has kept clear of me when I am in a tirade. If anything just knowing he has been there for me has been the best thing. It has been nice knowing that I have someone in my corner, that will love me even through all of my ugly emotions. Thank you, honey.

We haven't made plans for this weekend, as each day comes with new surprises and we have learned not to make plans too far in advance right now....just in case. I do know I will have lots and lots of relatives in town, but I will probably only see them very sporadically as they are not here for a "visit". My brother also came in town, and I got to hug and kiss him before he got back in the vehicle to head home. He came long enough to pick up his song and take him back to Oregon for the fun is that!

Regardless, I am already looking forward to the weekend.......

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

How scary accurate is this....

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Dear Diary Monday...

It was a really, really long weekend and not the greatest.

Friday I left work an hour early and came home just in time to take my Mom to Michael's and spend almost three hours there picking out thread for her quilt. I then came home and Dylan and I got dinner, got some movies, and relaxed a bit.

Saturday, Dylan and I spent the entire day shopping and then went to my co-worker Tim's house to see his beautiful new baby. As babies go, baby Jax is GORGEOUS, well behaved, and just is gonna be a big beautiful kid. Plus, it was great hanging out with Tim and Linda. We then went home, got some things done around the house, and then we Rodizio for dinner...and had a wonderful time together.

Sunday was my Mom's birthday and we spent the day at the hospital with my cousin. Not going into details, but her condition is not good and it was really hard seeing her like she was. After, Dylan and I took my folks to dinner for their collective birthdays and had the WORST service imaginable. And to top it off, the manager was completely indifferent too it! It was actually nice to leave the restaraunt and go home.

And actually, to be honest, I am glad the weekend is over and I am back at work. I have a full agenda of things I would like to accomplish this week, between going to the hospital and stuff, so I am excited to start working on those projects.