Friday, December 21, 2007

Dear Diary Friday....

Happy Snow Day!!!

Do you remember the days of when you would get so excited because there was a "change" to your normal you couldn't go outside for recess because it was raining, or you got go outside and have a snowball fight....or something similar to that? Do you miss those days when you got excited over the smallest least it looks "small" to you now that you are all grown-up? I do but I also find myself now getting excited over OTHER small things....a whole bunch of Christmas cards in my mailbox, watching my dogs run through the new fallen snow, walking through the leaves on the sidewalk in the Fall. Yeah, I know it seems dorky, but I love those little things. Oh, and CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! I don't care how they are used, I don't care if the decorations on the house are great or bad.....Christmas lights are just BEAUTIFUL!

So, you probably won't be hearing much from me until after Christmas so I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and I hope that the Goddess blesses you with peace, with safety on our roads and in this wizard, the gifts of love and happiness that you can share with others. Remember to smile at everyone on the street because you don't know what that one little gift of love could do to their hearts.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday....

I accomplished NOTHING last night....and feel okay about it. When I got home, Dylan and I headed over to WW (great night for both of us), grabbed some dinner, headed home where we ate dinner and then Dylan had to head off to work and I decided, "Fuck it! I am tired!!" and I climbed into bed and red until I was ready to fall asleep. It was WONDERFUL! However, I will be making it up tonight as I have only two days to get all of my wrapping done as I need to take my Mom shopping on Friday. However, the spirit is still in me and I know that I can get these things accomplished.

Work was absolute HELL yesterday. I am not going to go into any details, but let's just say that some people showed their "true colors" and I got to deal with the downfall of it. However, it is a new day and I plan on working on having a better attidue and just having an all around better day.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dear Diary Tuesday....part deux...

Wow, I have had two educations today and took a big-girl pill!

First lesson is from a really good friend of mine here at work. She is having a problem with a good friend of hers (not at work). Her friend just had a baby and my friend is having some "jealousy" issues as she is not married, nor has any children. Hard situation for her. But the hardest situation is that his married/child friend of hers is a complete drain on her energy, she never cares about anyone but herself, and she can't even take the time away from her own problems to say "Hey, how are YOU doing" for a change. It is sad because my friend is one of those people that is ALWAYS concerned about everyone else, goes out of her way every single day to see how people are just a really, really great person. And for her friend, she has driven over to her house in the middle of the night to get her a DIET COKE (keep in mind, she is married), was with her when the child was name it. And her friend just keeps sucking the life out of her. I just let her vent on me, held her hand, and let her get it all of out her system....and then saw myself in her. Wow! What a realization! I have done the same thing to friends of mine and have gone on, and on, and on and never bothered to stop and realize that "Hey! They have lives too!"

Second big girl pill....somebody was brave enough to come to me and apologize for something I have been stewing about all day, and I was adult enough to accept the apology, thank them for doing that, and let it go. It was something new because it usually takes me a couple of days to do the "forget" part, but I DID IT! WOO HOOO!!!

Dear Diary Tuesday...

I started the wrapping last night....and it was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. "Why?" you ask. Let me share....

I stopped at KFC to pick my folks up dinner, since they spent the ENTIRE DAY wrapping all of their gifts. My Mom was hurting, my Daddy was in unbelievable pain, so we had dinner and I went home. I got everything ready to start wrapping...and the phone rang. It was my Mom to tell me that I had forgotten a plate of cookies....told her I will get them tomorrow. Started to wrap....the phone rang. My Mom telling me I forgot something else....told her I will get it tomorrow. Started back up with the wrapping, got about four gifts into it....and the phone rang. This time it was my Mom to tell me that their T.V. had no I ran over and spent about 30 minutes fixing their T.V. so it WOULD have a picture. I kissed both of them again, and headed home. This time, I was left alone. I didn't get as much accomplished as I would have liked, but I at least started. I figure if I don't get it all done by Friday, I am not going to sweat it....I will just do what I can each night until it is finished. So far, besides the constant phone ringing, I really enjoyed wrapping last night and am actually looking forward to it again tonight....hopefully with not as many calls.

Blessings for today: may your day start off with a wonderful belly laugh, the kind that brings tears to your eyes and sets you up for the rest of the day.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Dear Diary Monday...

Christmas shopping is COMPLETED! WOOO HOOOOO!!!!

Friday I got home from work and was just a bundle of energy, so I spent the evening vacuuming the entire house, the furniture, and everything else. I also wiped down all of the bathrooms and the kitchen and then dusted. It was nice for Dylan to be able to come home to a clean house that he did not have to participate in the cleaning of it.

Saturday, I was over to the folks house by 8:00 am and my Mom and I went SHOPPING! We finally finished her Christmas shopping at 2:00, then I headed home and Dylan and I went shopping from 2:00 until 5:30 when we met everyone for dinner at Iggy's....and thanks again to Jeremy and Michelle for organizing the dinner! It was nice to see everyone before Christmas and to hang out and relaxing. After that, Dylan and I did a bit more shopping and then headed home for bed.

Sunday, Dylan and I got up and hit the stores...and did not stop until we were FINISHED! It was nice to finally be able to say that the shopping part is completed and now I need to start the wrapping part. Dylan is working a bunch of OT this week, so he won't be able to help, so my goal is to have the wrapping completed prior to Friday and then Friday I will do some cleaning. Saturday, my Daddy and I will be delivering wreaths to the cemetaries and then Dylan and I are spending that evening with his Folks for Christmas. Sunday....not sure but it might involve RELAXING....or delivering gifts, not sure which one. Monday....the day I am looking forward to the my day with Dylan. He has all of next week off so we actually get to spend Christmas eve together....for the first time in over a decade! WOOO HOOO!!!

Blessing for today: Wishing everyone a very relaxing and joyful week that many things are accomplished by you. A sense of achievment for everyone!