Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Dear Diary Wednesday....

What a fantastic weekend I had with Dylan. We spent Friday together, doing some running around and shopping and then met the Netzler's for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and then off to see the Matrix. There was not moment that entire day that I did not have a fantastic time. It is such a pleasure to be with people who not only make an effort to hang out with us but actually put forth the effort to EXTEND an invitation to us as often as we do with them. Saturday, I hung out with Dylan again, and I don't recall what we did, but it was fun. Sunday, Dylan and I headed out to Wendover, had a beautiful room, a very romantic dinner, and again, another time span of absolute enjoyment. Monday, we came home and I was just exhausted from all of the fun!

This week at work has been hectic. I am so far behind on everything, due to many various reasons, and I just don't feel that I can catch up. The unfortunate part is that I can not ask help of anyone else because THEY are all behind, as well! Oh well, I only have one more day and then it is a four day weekend for me! Friday, I am spending the day with Dylan and we are going to attempt to visit the zoo. Saturday, I have a day of shopping and then off to the Meat Fest at the Netzler's residence. Sunday and Monday I am planning on spending lots of time doing yard work, and hopefully, catching some rays.

Thought for me: in the last year I have come to appreciate, through pleasure and pain, friendships much more. I have learned that I can only give so much and should be given the same amount back. I have learned that you can not walk on eggshells, the only way to be is honest with yourself and expect and demand the same in return. I have learned that not all people in your life are willing to put forth as much effort as I am, and that is not acceptable. I have learned that I am a quality friend and should be treated with as much love, as much respect, as much honestly, and as much tolerance as I give to my friends. I am blessed with so many people in my life, that no matter how long I live on this earth, I could never express how much I love each one of them for being just exactly who they are. Those that are in my life are meant to be in my life for a reason, a lesson. Those that move out of my life, by their own choice or mine, I have learned from and therefore, have no regrets. I hope that with the time that I spend in this life, I give as much to my friends as they have given me. I find peace and love in my friends and my friends make me feel complete, and for that I will always be grateful.