Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dear Diary Tuesday...

I am so glad that I took Thursday and Friday off from work this week! My house is a wreck and needs to be thoroughly cleaned....and that will be what I do from sun up to sun down on Thursday. Friday is when I will get all of my shopping completed and start some of the "prep" work for the food. Then Saturday I will be able to enjoy myself while cooking, relax a bit, do any last minute cleaning, and just get ready to have a really fun night in front of the tv with a group of wonderful people.

Work yesterday was....work. Nothing spectacular to report other than I learned a VERY valuable lesson from a co-worker. I actually have a co-worker that I thought might be turning into a friend, so I decided to share with him that I was going to visit my old employer yesterday, pick up my candles that I ordered, and just say "hi" to everyone. Nothing to worry about. He already knows I have been offered a job and turned it down....nothing to worry about. So, he hurried and ran and told my boss who then called me into a "meeting" to find out what was going on and let me know that I should always discuss with him prior to looking for a new job. WHAT? I told him he had been misinformed, that I was going to see some old friends AT my old employment and to quit worrying. Good lesson...keep your mouth shut at work unless it is work related.

Speaking of old employers, I had a great time visiting with a group of old friends. And my new candles are YUMMY!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Dear Diary Monday...

Believe it or not, Tinkerbell is actually doing MUCH better since he got his hair cut! I think the removal of a bunch of his hair made it so he was not as hot which helped him to stop having seizures. It has now been over a week since his last episode, so keep your fingers crossed.

The weekend was a good one. I took off Friday and Dylan and I had a "date" day. We went to see a horrible movie, had dinner, and just did a lot of running around. It was nice, we enjoyed every minute of it. Saturday we got up and went to breakfast with my folks, took them to get their flu shots, and then went to Gardner Village and walked around. It was nice, very relaxing, but unfortunately too cold for my folks. We took them home and Dylan went to take a long nap before work. Sunday was the "work your ass off" day. I got my sprinkling system put away, as well as my folks. I got my a/c put away, as well as my folks. Went up on top of the folks house to check the roof (long story) and them cleaned out the garden and the flower beds to get ready for winter. I also made a HORRIBLE dinner, which I ended up throwing away and started a bit of laundry. I was so exhausted before bed that I thought I was going to die. Then, of course, I crawl into bed, sleep for an hour, and am awake the rest of the night! AARGGGGHHHH!

Today I am going to my old employer, P5, to pick up some candles I ordered and to say "Hi" to everyone....oh and to take Toni to see my old Pitboss to see if she can get her old job back...keep your fingers crossed for her!!!

Bitch of the day: 1) I hate being bored! I am so bored at my work right now I could cry! Oh well.....2) I hate it when I try and help somebody with a project, yet they don't even acknowledge your help and just let everybody know everything THEY have done/are doing. A little "thank you" would be nice once in awhile. Kinda makes you never want to perform an "act of kindness" again.