Saturday, November 09, 2002

Dear Diary Saturday.....

Let me get you caught up. Friday at work was hell once again. I was in early, as I believed it was going to snow and none of my co-workers would be on time...but it didn't snow and they showed. So, I hit my desk and managed to get through my "global" project to the point I could put it aside and work on Sheri's desk. Sheri was out yesterday and ended up seeing an emergency doctor because she was unable to breathe, only to find out she has had chronic asthma her entire life but has just barely been diagnosed. So, I handled her e-mails and her faxes and began to take care of my e-mails and faxes. That was finally finished at 2:30, which gave me one hour to complete any other project that was on my I hit my personal IN box and got that completed. It was now 3:30 and I was out the door. Because of this "global" project I have been helping my co-worker on for 3 days(please remember this is only 3 days) I have now over 100 appeals to research and complete, a CORRESPONDENCE file that has not been touched in 5 days, a TRACER file that has not been touched in 5 days, a DEPARTMENT OPEN CALLS, that has not been touched in two days (over 20 open calls I need to research and respond to), and numerous other "little" fires that need to be handled.....all next week....and that does not count what comes in next week. Can you tell I am a happy camper about how work is going to be next week? Oh well. The good news to all of this is that Dylan and I are spending next Friday evening together, trying to repair some damage to our relationship by trying to spend some "quality" time together. Could be fun!!

Anyways, Friday evening was exactly what I needed. Jeffy, Dylan, Toni, Rob, and myself met for dinner at the Samba Grill in the Gateway....good food but not as impressive at the Rodizio. The company was the best part. We then parted with the Netzlers and Jeffy took us to his work and showed us around, let me play with all of his toys at work, too! Can I just say that I am MORE impressed now seeing where Jeffy works, but ASTOUNDED by how truly horrified I was by the desks at his work. I have never, ever in my life seen such "organized chaos" on each and every desk, Jeff's probably was the king. But he knew EXACTLY where everything was! He never ceases to amaze me! We then went to a new record store, which was more than fun, and I actually impressed myself by finding something Jeffy purchased! We then met up with Jer-bear and Michelle and went to see the Circle Jerks at Club X-scape and had the fine opportunity to meet Jeffy's friends, Melissa and Troy, who are wonderful people! It was an eventful evening of discussing my boob job that I want, Dylan and I getting a house, how Michelle was going to kill a crack whore, the music, the wonderful drinks I kept buying, and finally more music. After the first two opening bands, the boys (minus Jeffy) went downstairs with Michelle to the mosh pit. I finally went downstairs and found them and hung out in the very LOUD area. We then parted ways that night and I collapsed in bed!

Now today, on to shopping!!!!

Thursday, November 07, 2002

Oh, new survey.....

JJ is feeling very left out because she does not have a nickname for me. The nicknames that are currently taken and cannot be used by anyone other than those named are:
"Kitten".......................reserved for Dylan only
"Weenie" or "Ween".....reserved for Toni only
"Yogi".........................reserved for Connie only
"'Rene".......................reserved for Jeffy only
"Lorie"........................reserved for Ken only
"Marine"......................reserved for Britt and Alex
"Lurlene".....................reserved for Kove
"Latrine"......................reserved for the Bullshit Gang
"Green".......................reserved for my brothers

So, suggestions for JJ?

Dear Diary Thursday....

Positive thought: Connie, I am very, very proud of you and I hope you feel the same way about yourself.

The rest of the day: The workload was impossible today, and that is not an exaggeration. I did get in at a 5:45 am this morning and by 9:00 am I had not made even the smallest of dents in my workload and it was increasing at a volume that Mormon Parents would be proud of! I don't know what happened other than my boss thinks that I am capable of handling any and all projects given to me. Now here is the kicker...the other two people on this team have been working on JUST their desks, their e-mails, their SHIT...but I have not been able to touch my personal workload OR the Research Team workload (which I usually handle mostly myself) because I am trying to get OTHER PEOPLE CAUGHT UP! So catching up every one else has put me behind now by over a week. Thank the Gods and Goddesses that tomorrow is Friday. Oh, also a good was Thursday at work BUT I stayed in a good mood all day. That was a miracle since I have not slept since Sunday night and I spent last night in bed with a body covered in little itchy, self-induced hives. Thankfully, Benadryl is my friend and made them go away before work this morning.

WOW! Did anybody else almost get blown off the freeway today??? Toni and I have the joy of working in the mouth of Parley's Canyon so the weather is always horrendous....especially the wind, rain, and snow....which we will be blessed with tomorrow. Thankfully, Toni has Fridays off because she is a klutz driver in the snow.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Dear Diary Wednesday....

Let me just start with this: If you are my co-worker, no more and no less, don't ask to borrow $500.00 from me! I would rarely lend that to a friend and NEVER to a co-worker! CHRIST ON A CRUTCH, PEOPLE! Use your common sense!

Anyways, this week has been good. I had to handle not one, but TWO training meetings today. Sitting in one, and giving one....the latter being very impromptu. All in all, it was an okay day. After coming back from a delicious lunch, not only in food but in company (thank you again, JJ), I was OVERWHELMED ( no exaggeration) with a workload that I will now be going in tomorrow at 6:00 am to try and clean up. I have two wonderful co-workers ( not being rude ) that are very overwhelmed and I am trying to help them out. They bust their ass every single day, and unfortunately, they are now behind. So I am trying to take a great deal of their workload to get them caught up, if not ahead of the game, and still do mine. Almost had it done today until about 15 minutes before I was to leave and all of my workload suddenly doubled. Come to find out, the jeep-rollin' slut girl who got fired was filing in her desk HER WORKLOAD and so we are having to clean that up as well. Fun for me! Oh well, job security.

Weekend is shaping up in a rather odd fashion. Friday is the Circle Jerk concert and I get to hang out with two of my favorite boys at that...Jeffy and Dylan. Saturday, I am having to do shopping early in the morning and then coming home to clean our raingutters and get the house a little more prepared for winter (yes, I heard it is going to rain and snow on Saturday but I won't melt!) and then Sunday I am cooking a HUGE turkey for dinner....and that is an all day event. What an insanely busy weekend. Oh well, I am sure next weekend will be better as Dylan will be spoiling me in my ways for being such a meanie to me today!!

Oh and Jeffy, you make the days go by much faster...and by the way....XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO!

Sunday, November 03, 2002

Dear Diary Sunday part deux.....

We had so much fun at Barnes and Nobles! I have no idea how many books I have, but it is a LOT! I then took the folks to the Gateway, as they have not had a chance to see that yet. Unfortunately, the shops do not open until noon, so we went into the Barnes and Nobles there and had hot chocolate, and then walked around until my daddy could not take the cold anymore. THEN, we brought him home and went and did our grocery shopping. Oh, by the way JJ....I am signed up for the gym again!! Yes, you will all be enduring listening to me prattling on again about my gym experiences every day after work! My routine will hopefully be Sunday through Thursday and then making a pig out of myself on Friday and Saturday! YEAH!!!!!!!!

And I have had something on my mind and I am going to write it down in my blog to see if it will clear up my thoughts. I have allowed a person to be part of my life even though this person has done much more harm to me than good. This person has caused a year long grief, almost cost me a friendship, has disrespected not only my friends BUT my significant other many, MANY times. I was going to write this person a letter, but I am thinking just allowing this person to leave my life, quietly, and wishing them the best that life has to offer would be more prudent for me. Or should I write this person a letter to let them know how truly evil, how disrespectful, how immature, how coniving, how manipulative, and how damn dumb they have been and how truly GRATEFUL that I am that they are out of my life....never to be allowed back into it. Sometimes, I don't think it is a bad thing to wish truly evil things on people. Sometimes, I don't think casting a "dark spell" is the bad thing to do. Sometimes, I don't think asking one of my Goddesses to bring down her wrath on a person of such misfortune is a bad thing. Sometimes, I don't think plotting ways to hurt a person is a bad thing. Sometimes, and I know that my Jeffy will chuckle at this, I don't think wishing people would "learn lessons from other people" is a bad thing. To write a note, to not write a note, that is the question.........

Dear Diary Sunday.....

The rest of Saturday was pretty okay. Went to dinner with Dylan on Saturday night to Hoppers for good food and unexpected clashing of opinions. I don't think my companion understood the depth of my defending friends and their choices, so there were a few moments of uneasy silence. All in all, though, I enjoy a good debate. We went back to his house where he proceeded to curl up next to me and begin to slumber. For some strange reason, Dylan becomes so comfortable with me that he can drop off to La-La land in a moment, when I am not there, he tosses and turns. His reasoning is that I make him feel comfortable and safe, I believe it is just because I am so damn boring!

Called the police about the damn pig roast and found out that it is LEGAL to have a pig roast in your yard as long as you call the police to inform them of said pig roast. HOWEVER, it is not legal to be nuisance and be disturbing the peace while doing so, especially at 4:30 in the morning! So, unfortunately, I should have called when it was happening....a good lesson for me to learn, but I won't be stopping with just that. New goal for me.....make my neighbors move within the year!!!! Ah, I love goals!!!!

Today will be a fun day. I am taking the folks out shopping.....BOOK SHOPPING!! And if you know me, you know I love books! I am going to take them to my favorite Barnes and Nobles and possibly, to Borders. If we have time after that, I will take them to Media Play. However, I am so disappointed with Media Play of late, that I am not sure if I will waste my time. I will probably update you on these events when I get home later......