Saturday, April 06, 2002

Tired, very tired......

I promised my daddy that I would help with the yardwork today, and as I expected he worked me into the ground! It started off with me winning a load of compost (don't ask) and so my daddy and my bro went and got that. While they were gone I fertilized the entire yard, watered the entire yard, then ran my mom to the store. As soon as I got back, they had started to unload the compost, so as they unloaded I spread it around the front garden, then tarped it. Then we rested for about 5 minutes and then I pruned the mammoth pine tree in our front yard.....with me climbing the tree, smashing my finger and, well, let's just say that you should never try to break a big limb with the heel of your is not a good idea. As soon as that was cleaned up, I cleaned Bubba's abode and have done three loads of laundry and cleaned the downstairs bathroom. Oh, I also cleaned my window and took down the drapes and laundered them as well. Unfortunately, I won't be hangin' with Dylan today because I am still working and exhausted. But, I did promise to hang with him tomorrow.

Have I ever told you how amusing Jer-bear is to eat dinner with? He told a whole tale of how he likes to call me on the phone while he uses the bathroom and then proceeded (loudly I might add) to go into graphic detail of how he has a tray to put on his lap, a vase with a flower in it, a sandwich, and his rollodex so that he can be comfortable while he talks to me. Let me conclude this paragraph by saying that NOBODY CALLS ME WHEN THEY ARE USING THE BATHROOM......THAT IS JUST, EWWWWW!!!!!!

So, next weekend is going to be just as busy. HUGE shopping day on Saturday...Costco, Petsmart, Baja Pottery. Then that evening is the BBQ/Drunk o rama at Gracies. God, I am hoping Saturday is a calm day with Dylan. I think we should spend the day with him just massaging my feet and legs. All who agree???????

Monday, April 01, 2002

Blah day.....

I am blaming my flu on Toni. She came in last week and was so damn sick that her skin was actually pastier than mine, hung around until she infected somebody (ME) and then left, contented that she had spread her disease! Anyways, I called in sick today. Poor Dylan had to run me home early last night because of how sick I was, didn't sleep all night, and spent the entire time sweating...and not for any good reason! I knew with all the stress lately something wicked would sneak up on me, and apparently it is the FLU! I can't evedn begin to tell you how much I hate the flu!!!

Anyways, Dylan and I went to "Panic Room" yesterday, before I became ill, and it was a pretty good movie. I think I was expecting a lot more, but was happy with the outcome. And as always, the company was wonderful. We also rented "Don't Say a Word" and "Zoolander". I really liked the first one, the second one was so damn dumb (sorry Toni) that it actually made me laugh.

Can you believe that Toni and Rob's anniversary is coming up? Wow, it doesn't seem like they have been married that long! I think that is a sign of a great couple.

Could to hear the Gracie is doing so well, and enjoying the new addition of the bambino to her extended family. Gracie is such a good Aunt.

Oh, and Connie...update your damn blog, girl! It would be nice to hear of your doings!