Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Ass chewin.....

Okay, now that I am home I can vent. Work sucked ass today. I got my butt chewed off, both the right and the left cheek, by the Pit Boss because SHE got her ass chewed off. Did I do anything to deserve it? Not this time. She just needed to vent and be angry and I was the poor hapless soul that wandered into her office. Did I break down and cry or back down? Nope! If anything, I got more fiesty than normal! Did I gain some respect from the Pit Boss? YES!!

After that, my supervisor decided she would give me the silent treatment. Now if you know me, you know that the only person that does that to me that will have any effect is my mother. So when she found out that I was ENJOYING it and getting a lot done, she decided we should talk, be friends, and have a "meeting" which we did and cleared the air. Thank the goddess for one level headed person.

So now I am home, awaiting my lovely Avon Lady to come and visit me and bring me presents!!

Oh, and can I just tell you how much I love my friends?

For hell's sake...isn't it time to go to Mesquite yet??????

Good and bad....

Work right now is a teeter totter....kinda like it and I kinda hate it. My boss is pissed at me, which is okay with me, and I have given up caring at all about this place, easier on the stress it makes it better for ME for the stress, worse on the work place because I am not continually running around fixing the world problems.

Anyways, I have tomorrow off and then Dylan and I are on our way to Mesquite for four days....YEAH!!!!!