Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dear Diary Thursday...

The last day of the week for me at work....and thank the Goddess!

I woke up tired this morning and not exactly in a Good mood or a Bad mood....just "a mood". And my office is freezing today and we can't seem to get it warm. We have turned up every thermostat and it is still colder than an ice cube. I am really looking forward to being out of here today.

Not sure what we are doing tonight but I think I will be getting my nails done and then Dylan and I going to dinner. I would like to say I will be pro-active and go and get things that I need to finish my "winterizing" tomorrow, but I think I will be too tired. Then again, maybe I just need to go and get a Diet Coke or something.

Yesterday I left work in a pissed-off mood. I was on a conference call and two conference IM's and trying to get my e-mail was absolutely ridiculous. And then I had a Sales Person make a pretty unthoughtful comment, that just set me off. As soon as it was 3:00 pm, I logged off everything and didn't bother to say "good-bye" and headed home.....I was done. I then took my Folks to Costco to get their shopping out of the way and headed home/home to relax. The good part of my afternoon/evening was hearing from Shane and just touching base with him. He always makes my spirits lift.

Gawd, why can't it be 3:00pm right now......

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday....

Things I am looking forward to this week/weekend:
1. I am off work on Friday
2. Going to dinner on Thursday night
3. Spending Friday doing things around the house with my Daddy and Dylan
4. Spending my Saturday day doing things with Dylan and getting dessert and booze
5. Spending my Saturday night with my great friends at the annual Halloween party/video party and ready to try Michelle's ZOMBIE PUNCH.
6. Spending Sunday with Dylan....not sure what we are doing yet
7. Relaxing this weekend
8. Getting the laundry caught up
9. Finishing any decorating that needs to be done.
10. Looking at the adorable decorations my Daddy put up in my yard.....
11. Good friends, good food, great laughs, sharing positive energy

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dear Diary Tuesday....

Today, I am a Jehova Witness and not sure what Toni has chosen.....

Weekend was AMAZING! I left work at noon on Friday and Dylan and I headed out for lunch and got some Halloween decorations for the house....nothing spectacular, but at least it now looks like a place where somebody would want to come trick or treating.

Saturday we got up and went to see "30 Days of Night" and it was a good show! It kept us scared, the idea of people surviving in a town of all darkness against evil creatures was one I had not seen before, and we just had a good time. We then did some shopping and running around, grabbed some treats and dinner and headed home to watch the UFC pay per view.

Sunday we spent the day watching movies, after I took my Mom shopping. We watched "28 Weeks Later" and "The Reaping"....both I went in with little expectations and was happy that they both ended up being watchable! It was just a really nice weekend of playing, relaxing, and just having absolutely nothing go bad.....first time in MONTHS!

And a big CONGRATULATIONS hug and kiss to Rob ... long over due but well worth the wait Big Guy!