Monday, June 23, 2008

Dear Diary Monday...

First the bad news.....How incredibly sad that the world has lost probably the most talented comedian ever...George Carlin. He will be missed by many, including my husband who absolutely loves him.

Good news....last week was TOTALLY insane. First, let's start off with that Dylan and I have a new member to our household. I rescued a small kitten from becoming snake food, literally, on Wednesday. We did not name him until he had gone to the vet and had been thoroughly checked out. Our new baby is named Charlie (Charles Manson) and is a Himalayan, probably around 7 weeks hold. He is a holy terror, and I love him!

Secondly, we got a new car on Saturday. Dylan is now the proud driver of a steel blue Jeep Compass and we LOVE IT. Dylan got to experience my ability to haggel, and stated he was impressed. After that, we drove to a fundraiser for the Animal Advocacy group but it was obviously a fair for children, so we didn't even stop.

Third, we met a fantastic young man who is a great electrician. He saved our Saturday by coming over in the morning, finding the root of what I did to blow out electricity in four rooms, and all without charging anything to us!!! He is awesome.

Finally, we spent yesterday doing some changes to our room that involved moving the bed down to reasonable level....also stopping Helga from sleeping under it, which she is not happy about, but OH WELL! It is nice not having to vault into bed every night.

Things are looking really, really good this week. I got some fantastic news on Friday about my job and I could not be more happy. Things will be moving quickly on that front this week, so fingers crossed that not only will this week fly by BUT it will be a great week as well!