Friday, March 09, 2007

Dear Diary Friday...

Oh, the work week just keeps getting worse and worse!!! Today I am only going to be at my desk until 10:30 and then we are having a "mock disaster" drill and then I am leaving at 11:30 to go off site for the remainder of the day, in continuining the "mock drill". Nope, not even the least bit excited.

Yesterday was just insanely busy. I have had a "problem account" this whole week and it has taken me two full days to get things straightened out with them. Now today, I have two people on vacation, two of us will be off-site, and one person called in sick. Yep, it is gonna be one of those days.

The weekend is going to be GLORIOUS! Not sure everything that will be involved in it, but it will be warm, I will get to see a movie (not even sure which one) and I get to do some shopping. And most importantly, Dylan and I get to have some FUN!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dear Diary Thursday....

I didn't manage to get out of work until about 5:00 last was a hell-day day that I could not wait to get out of here! I would go into details, but it would possibly cause me to start crying uncontrollably and pulling my hair out.

Good news was from Toni with the info that the doctor is certain she doesn't have cancer....however.....




And then she refrigerates it for later usage......

Ewwww on Toni.....Ewwwww

Other than that, she knows I love her.....

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Let me just start off by saying that it is so freakin' cold at my work right now that I could cute glass!!! Yep, IT'S NIPPELY!!!

Anyways, I got my nails done last night...a beautiful shade of purple/blue with sparkles so I am happy. I absolutely love the gal that does my nails....she is young, she is hip, AND she goes to the nail/hair shows every year to stay current. AND, and this is most important, has never ONCE HURT ME DOING MY NAILS. Big bonus in my book.

After that, I took my Mom to do some grocery shopping and then had dinner with Dylan and collapsed in bed. It was nice to finally get more than two hours of sleep. I only woke up once throughout the entire night. So, now that I finally have had some sleep, I should be good to go another 8 or 10 days without any.

The weekend is being organized by Dylan this week. Sounds like we are gonna go see a movie or two, maybe hit the zoo or the aviary, I think there might be dinner involved. Whatever we do, it will be fun just to spend time with my hubby.

Oh, and we have been having a debate at amusing which I shall include everyone. If you have somebody in your life ( in this case it is a boyfriend of a friend ) and they say something along the lines of "I need you to quit contacting me for a few days so I can think things through" or they just do not answer your phone calls/e-mails....should you a) quit contacting them as they need some space or 2) harass them until they tell you what's up. I believe that you should leave them alone...but apparently not everyone feels that way. Here is my theory.....if somebody does not want to return your calls or your e-mails, there is obviously a reason and if they wanted to discuss that reason with you THEY WOULD RETURN YOUR PHONE CALLS/E-MAILS! Maybe you should respect that person and their space and LEAVE THEM ALONE! Isn't it better for a relationship ( or "relationship") to end on a quiet note than to beat it into oblivion and probably make the other person HATE YOU??? Again, not all women apparently feel the way that I do as the woman KEEPS CALLING THE MAN!!!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dear Diary Tuesday...

The trip to Wendover was a lot of fun and THANK YOU to the Netzlers for being great companions!!! It has been awhile since I have been able to laugh as much, and as hard, as I did this last Sunday with Toni, Rob, and Dylan.

Friday, Dylan and I went to Jason's Deli and had dinner and then I don't remember what we did after that....must have been a lot of fun! Saturday we got up and went to Weight Watchers (down .2) and then headed home....I was just not in the mood to do a bunch of running around and wanted to relax. That was until I got the ominous phone call from Toni saying "Have you been to Lane Bryant today?"...and that was the end of the relaxing. Dylan and I headed to Lane Bryant for an AWESOME sale (thanks Tonster!) and came home $150.00 poorer.....but well worth it. Sunday, I got up early and straightened the house up, finished up our laundry (as if that is ever truly possible), took Coal to doggie daycare, got Dylan's car gassed up and washed, and then the Netzlers came over and we headed out of town. I wish I could say I "relaxed" but I think I am giving up home of ever truly mind won't shut down long enough for that to happen. In fact, we got home yesterday and I was so exhausted all I wanted to do was sleep....but couldn't!!!

This weekend, Dylan is in charge of deciding what we will be doing. I know he is gonna spend some time ordering some stuff for me online, but other than that, I am leaving it up to him what we are gonna do. I am sure part of it will be shopping for groceries....but I really have no desire to be spending my entire weekend doing that. If it is nice, I hope we do some outdoor things!!!