Monday, August 15, 2005

Dear Diary Monday...

Mood.....elated and excited!

We are having a baby!! Well, okay, to be fair....MICHELLE IS HAVING THE BABY! She will be induced this morning at 5:00 and the minute I get the call that Caden is here....I am out of here like a bat out of hell!! I know, I know....I hate kids but there is something about the Poors children that I just can't help but love and be excited for!!

Weekend was awesome and I totally have to thank Chet and Shane for that. I spent Saturday shopping for the decorations for the wedding and with Shane's magical knowledge and touch, the decorations are going to be just amazingly beautiful. AND because they are Autumn and Halloween combination, I get to use them forever and ever and ever after the wedding and that makes me happy!

Sunday Dylan and I and Chet and Shane went around town taking pictures of Dylan and I, and then some with me in my wedding dress. I don't know what Shane could possibly do that would not be fantastic because anything he tries to do, he ends up being amazingly fantastic at it....and that goes for photography. I am not a photogenic person but he made the pictures out to be beautiful. We had such a great time

Oh and a big HUGS out to Connie with her starting her first day at her new job today. I am excited for you, my friend, and I know you will do awesome!!!!

Happy Monday to everyone!!!!