Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dear Diary Thursday...

What a horrible way to wake up this morning. I was having bad dreams all night long and my last dream was me taking care of some children, and we were outside running around on a farm or something, and the little boy suddenly stops, turn around and looks at me and says, "It smells like SHIT!" To which I suddenly woke up and my whole bedroom SMELLED LIKE SHIT! SOOOO, I jump out of bed, throw the window open, all the while trying not to heave, and make my dogs get out of the room. Apparently Helga Joe was not feeling well, or something, and decided to let the fumes FLY!! Poor girl! She was much better after I let her out, but unforunately I was up for the morning.

How has your morning been so far???

Things that make me happy: putting on new shirts for work and really liking the way that they look on AND realizing that I might really be able to get away with wearing tank tops.

Things that do not make me happy: Helga and her toxic farts!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday...

It was so nice. Dylan didn't have to go into work early last night, so we went to our weight in, then got Cafe Rio, went home and ate dinner and watched some t.v., and WENT TO BED EARLY. I was so exhausted from not going to bed and getting some decent sleep lately that I fell asleep pretty quickly. Now the problem is that I am more tired than I was when I went to sleep! I have already had my Diet Coke this morning, but that is not even helping. And it probably isn't helping that I have no motivation to work.

Weekend is going to be productive. Friday we have the BBQ at the Poor residence, which I am really looking forward to. Saturday, Dylan and I are going to be spending the day cleaning the entire house and doing load after load after load of laundry. Sunday, I am not really sure what will be going on but I am sure I will be going to the hospital and HOPEFULLY doing some yardwork. My back HUGE flowerbed needs some major T.L.C and weeding, so I would really like to do that. Plus, I really would enjoy some downtime, but we will see if I can fit that in.

Next week, Dylan has from Tuesday night until Sunday off and I could not be more happy. He took July 4th off so that we could spend that time together and took off July 7th for a concert so he figured he might as well take the days off in between and make it a mini-vacation for himself. And after all of the O.T. he has put in this year, he really deserves it!

Things that made me happy this morning: Coal did not want to argue with me about going into his kennel when I left and seemed more tired than me.

Things that did not make me happy this morning: I AM BLOATED! Do not like that feeling at all!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dear Diary Tuesday...

ONLY for Alana....8 basic facts you might not know about me...I am not TAGGING anyone either, if you want to do this on your own blog, DO IT....

1. I HATE midgets. Not just a little....a whole fucking bunch. It is a phobia but not the kind where I see them and run. I see them and I want to kick and punch them in the head. Midget conventions that happen downtime are NOT THE TIME FOR ME TO BE STUCK IN LINE FOR A CONCERT WHEN THEY ALL COMING DOWN THE STREET WALKING ON THEIR LITTLE SAUSAGE LEGS. I know they are all probably really nice people and I am working on getting better....but still....

2. I USE to be phobic of tumbleweed, but it has taken me MANY years, and much harassment, and I am not getting to the point where I am better with it. I have personal beliefs concerning tumbleweed that I do not share with people, but it use to terrify me to the point that I would cry. NOW, I can not only drive over it, but I can actually TOUCH it. Alana, quit laughing uncontrollably....

3. I am terrified of mountains. I am getting better with age, but I still white knuckle it in the car if we drive in one.

4. I obsess over death....any kind of death.

5. I am a Witch/Wiccan/Pagan. Born and raised a good LDS girl, now a witch. Go figure. Some people know, some people don't...thought I would share.

6. I am a hoarder of books...but only hardback covers with really cool covers. I am not even really concerned about the content, I just like really good art on covers. Oh, and I do get obsessed with certain authors and buy everything by that person.

7. Ghosts and spirits do not scare me, demons terrify me. I would love to be a Ghost Hunter, but the thought of a demon speaking to me has kept me from pursuing that dream.

8. FINALLY! Hmmmm.....I use to have a HUGE crush on Alana's Dad? Does that count?????

Monday, June 25, 2007

Dear Diary Monday...

Rest in Peace, Remy.

The weekend had many ups and downs....

Thursday, I left work at 10:00 am and headed over to my folks to take my Mom to do some grocery shopping, then headed home to start my weekend with Dylan. He slept until about noon and then we took off, and really, I don't remember what we did.

Friday we saw "1408" and it had to be one of the most boring movies I have ever watched. They tried to do something similar to "The Shining" but just could not pull it was a disappointment. We did a few other things that I can't recall. Late that night, after watching a movie, we went to Central Valley Emergency Vets to put my sweet hamster, Remy, to sleep. He has been struggling lately, as he has climbed in age, and it was just time. We then came home late to bury him....very sad way to end a Friday night.

Saturday we got up and headed to Park City. It was soooo nice to be out of the pollution. We bought a couple of things and headed back to Salt Lake. We then watched Ultimate Fight Night together and he headed to work.

Sunday I got up headed to the hospital, hung out with my folks, did a bit of yardwork, and relaxed. Unfortunately, I think the weekend finally caught up with me because I COULD NOT SLEEP LAST NIGHT!!!!