Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dear Diary Thursday...

Okay, my favorite thing this morning, so far. I was asked last week by a co-worker if I would like to go in on a Bosses Day gift for our Boss, which I said "Of course I would" to her. She wanted to take her to lunch today,which is great, and get her a gift, which is also great. Well, the chick called in this morning sick and then had the guts to ask me if I had gone out and got the Boss something! Huh? If you do all the suggesting on what we are going to do, then YOU DO IT. I don't suggest to somebody that a party would be a great idea and then EXPECT THEM TO HOST IT! KEEERIST!!

Anyways, I got to hang out a little while with Shane last night and he is just unbelievably amazing....and I think he gets more and more amazing every time I see him. For his family vacation, he saved three houses from a lie! And if there was anybody in my close group of friends that I knew would end up being a hero, it was him. I just love that honey-boy so much!!!

Also, the weekend has ended up being busy. I am spending some of it doing the THANK YOU cards, gotta go shopping for Dylan's clothes for Vegas, gotta get my parent's house cleaned, gotta do the yardwork on both houses, gotta do some food shopping, gotta get some claims paid, AND I am getting new hair on Saturday. Gotta love a busy, busy weekend!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dear Diary Wednesday....

I talked to my Mama last night and they have visited the Polynesian Cultural Center and had such a great time. Her lack of enthusiasm in the past week has been due to how totally exhausted she is. Today they are moving from their hotel to a condo, where they will be residing for the rest of the trip. I think this is going to help them a great deal to relax a lot more since they will have all the amenities that a home would have. Oh, and she also put her foot down yesterday and her and my Daddy got to spend the day relaxing.

Well, Dylan's countdown to how many days we have left for our trip has started. This is a ritual for him every single time we go on vacation. In the past, it has bugged the fuck right out of me, but now I find it kind of cute. Including today, we have 12 days left.....YIPPEEE. I honestly can not wait to get out of town so that I can finally do some relaxing.

We spent last night over giving Moshie her IV. She handles this so well and it makes it so much less traumatic on Dylan and I. As long as Dylan is sitting in front of her and holding her hands and talking to her, she settles right down and relaxes and let's me do what I have to do. And after we were finished, she was ready to go outside and have a walk, which I was happy to do. She is such a good cat!!!!

This weekend is going to be busy for me as I need to clean my parent's house, do all of their laundry, get the yard done, and process claims for my work. Yep, we are back doing that for a little while. The horrendous amount of stress that was over me the last time I helped is no longer there, they are just being nice and giving me a few extra dollars to help them out. Sometimes this place isn't too bad to work at....

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Dear Diary Tuesday...

I thought I was coming down with a cold yesterday and I was not a bit happy about it! After I got home from a long day at work, I took care of the "kids" at my folks and at my house, changed into something comfy, went back over to my parent's house to give the "kids" some company and realized how crappy I was feeling. My throat hurt, I was sneezing, I had an irritating cough and I was just exhausted. I hung out with them for about an hour, went back home and climbed into a hot tub of bubble bath water and just did not move. When I finally could hoist myself out of the warm bliss, I went straight to bed. I wish I could tell you I had a wonderful nights sleep, but I didn't. At about midnight there was a horrible rattling from inside my closet, which turned out to be Lizzie. Helga decided she needed to toss and turn AND snore most of the night. However, I do feel that I am not coming down with a cold now but I am exhausted.

I talked to the folks yesterday and my Mama is ready to come home. She is having an "okay" time but in the short while they have been there they have done almost every "touristy" thing that you can imagine. Oh and my 75 year old dad went SNORKLING!!! They are having fun but I think that they are very, very tired. I just kept telling her she only had one more week and then she would be home....just to enjoy herself.

Saturday I am getting new hair. I am getting some very dramatic streaks in it and it is going to get trimmed for Vegas. And have I mentioned how excited I am for Vegas??? WOOO FUCKIN' HOO!!! Yep, I get to spend my honeymoon with the Netzlers and the Breeze/Ricketts clan so I could not be more thrilled. We are going to relax, eat, do a lot of drinking, shop, some Halloweeny is going to be awesome!!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Dear Diary Monday...

Wow, I think a little bit of the Halloween spirit has finally got to me. I finished decorating my home and then I decorated the parent's place while they are gone. I didn't go overboard this year like I normally did, but it is a bit more festive.

It was a good weekend. Dylan and I got a bit of our clothing shopping done for Vegas and did a lot of hanging out with one another. I managed to get my parent's house cleaned and all of the yard work done in both of our yards. We also spent a couple of nights over at his folks house learning how to give Moshie an IV while they are on vacation. Now we have both sets of parent's gone and our officie "Hell week" has started, as we do affectionately have named it.

I haven't been much in the way of wanting to hang out with anyone as I think the year of "wedding bliss" and then the actual wedding overwhelmed me with being around a lot of people. It has been a bit nice to have the folks gone and now Dylan's folks gone. I know that this is just a phase and I will wanting and needing to be around large swarms of people on my honeymoon in Vegas, but for right now, it has been nice just hanging out with me.....