Saturday, July 27, 2002

Good time...

After hearing the fantastic news about Dylan getting the job, the rest of my day at work was worthless! I was so elated that I just spent the entire day TRYING to work, but mostly just telling everybody and calling everybody about it! Thank the Goddess that I didn't have to work until 6:00 because I wouldn't have accomplished anything. After leaving work, we went to dinner and to see GOLDMEMBER... my hell, that was the funniest damn movie I have seen in a long time!!!!!! The cameo appearances by other stars, like Danny Devito, Tom Cruise, and John well as the Osbournes.....was wonderful. Unfortunately, something did not sit well with me and by the time we got home, my stomache was cramping and I wanted to die, so I did not sleep.....AGAIN.

This morning, I woke up and did the house work and then went out and put down sod and grass seed. I know, I know....but I didn't want my daddy doing it because it was too damn hot! Tonight I am going over to Dylan's for my bbq with his folks....who are doing much better so it will be a much more comfortable situation.

Okay, now to comment on Janet's blog......everyone knows that I dislike children. I tolerate them, and there are actually some that have one my heart...Janet's Jaydon beng one. Now if I go someplace that is mostly for children, like the zoo, a child's movie, a playground, I expect to me terrorized by the small, evil creatures. However, if I go some place that is not designated for children, like a nice restaraunt, an adult movie, I expect that the critters be controlled....and not with a heavy hand!!! There is nothing that pisses me off more than watching an adult grab a child too forcefully, shake a child uncontrollably, hit a child with too much force, to drive home their point. What the fuck do yout hink you are teaching the child??? Anyways, I agree that parents who cannot control, or will not control their children, give ALL parents a bad name. However, being an asshole to a parent, does not make the situation better for anybody, and will probably cause the child harm. If I was to turn to a parent with an horrible child and make a comment about their parenting skills or that their child is acting like an animal, I am sure that I would either be directing a fist in my direction, or probably cause the child to receive horrible punishment later from the adult. I like to handle the situation more covertly. Usually in a case where I can see that the child is misbehaving, I will scare the child myself. Case in point....Dylan and I were at Furburbia in Cottonwood mall checking out the animals and there were two little boys who were not being nice to a dog, in my opinion. So, when nobody was looking, because apparently the parents had just dropped these kids off and left, I got close to the boys, enough that they both looked at me, and I gave them the infamous "Lorene's eye" and growled, very quietly and menacing, and told them to "Get the fuck away from the doggies, little boys.", to which they both got up, walked out of the store quickly and very frightened. I think there was a valuable lesson in that for them......don't be mean to dogs, and stay away from cute, blonde chicks because they are insane.

Think I should have a couple of kids now?

Thursday, July 25, 2002

My Onion horoscope....

Cancer: (June 22—July 22)
You won't accept the "Gaia" theory, the notion that the entire Earth is one huge organismso long as the cacti are your friends and the ferns want you dead

Anyways, work the last couple of days has been busy....because I have really kicked myself in the ass to get EVERYTHING off of my desk, no excuses. So, the pend reports are being done, all the appeals are finished, my IN box is empty, all e-mails are caught up on, all the HR contacts have been contacted and checked on, my bosses desk is looking better, and any project that needed to be completed is COMPLETED. The good news, with all this activity, I was going to have to work until 6:00 tomorrow night, but my boss and I "worked" it out and I will just be working my ususal shift. And I am sooooo happy because tomorrow night is..........are you sitting down........AUSTIN POWERS. Now, I know Jeff is rolling his eyes and Scott is making that horrible, evil, "sighing" noise (go ahead, all at the same time.......AAAAaaaahhhhhhhh), but I love those movies and that stupid character! So without having to work late, I don't have to go see the late, late, LATE show!

So, I was looking forward to a bbq at Dylan's house this weekend, but that has dwindled after hearing about the problems it has created....I know, I know Dylan, not my fault, but I still feel very guilty. But the good part is that I will be getting a chocolate cheesecake out of it!! As for Sunday, that is still up in the air for what I am doing. I know that Dylan will be attending his crazy Grandma Dorothy's special b-day party this weekend and he has been buying presents like a mad man for her! He has secretly been waiting for the moment that he can tell her how much he REALLY loves her......oh, the bad karma I am going to get back on this.........

Oh, ain't it the truth.....

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I am Sally

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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Good day...

My group at work kept my desk current and so I didn't come back to INSANITY after having four days off from how nice is that? It was still a pretty busy day, but not to the extent that I thought it was going to be.

Oh, here is the list of cool b-day gifts: two figures for my Living Dead Dolls collection....Lottie and Lou Sapphire; two figures for my Windstone collection....owl lamp and bad cat lamp; diamond earings and necklace in a beautiful teak wood jewelry box; two gift certificates to Lane Bryant; gift certificate to Southe Towne mall; g.c. to Media Play; beautiful candles and candle holder; Nature Sounds CD and flowers; orange blossom lotion and shower gel with scrubbing mits from Bath and Body; Twisted Creatures bobbing head thingys for my car; Arousal book; and so many more that I can't remember! It was a good day! And a chocolate cheesecake is on my way for this weekend from Dylan's cool Aunt Bernice.

Okay, here is my piss and moan for the mom and I find out about some teacup Pomeranians that were born on Saturday and we are both excited and want one. I make all the arrangments with my sister, as it is a chick at her work who will be selling them, I am getting baby pictures and updates sent to me weekly, spend the whole entire day being excited, come home and mom tells me that her and dad "talked it over" and decided that we are not getting another dog. Here is the bitch and moan.....DON'T FUCKING GET ME ALL EXCITED ABOUT IT AND THEN SHOOT IT DOWN WHEN I KNOW THAT WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO THE WIRE AND WE DON'T GET THE DOG, YOU ARE GOING TO COMPLAIN AND SULK AND SAY STUPID SHIT LIKE, "WE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THE PUPPY!" I know that this is going to escalate as I will eventually flip out, but for now, I am avoiding and ignoring....not doing a good job as I have moved into the "I have nothing nice to say so I am not speaking" part of the program. Oh well, it will be amusing nonetheless.

Anyways, Tuesday is now done and tomorrow is a dress down day at work and should be less busy than far it is shaping up to a good week!!!

Monday, July 22, 2002

Happy Birthday....

Happy Birthday to myself and Janet!! Janet's was yesterday, so make sure if you haven't already, go and send her many, many e-cards to loves it!!

Anyways, the weekend was good. Toni and Rob's bbq was a HUGE success, as always, and the food was better than any other year previous!!! Toni and Rob actually had time to sit around with the rest of us and enjoy the food and company. And as a major bonus, Jeff and Kurt came and stayed for a very long time!! It was wonderful seeing both of their handsome faces. Oh, and we got to meet Connie's new girlfriend, Lindi and her daughter Sara, who are both such a breath of calming air! What a hoot they both were!!

Oh, before the bbq, I went shopping and to breakfast with the folks and ended up spending a bunch of money at Restoration Hardware and I cannot remember a damn thing that I bought!!! SHHHOOOOOOTTTT! Anyways, it was a hella good time that day!

Sunday, I spent the day with Dylan....going to the duck park, going shopping, going to dinner, renting "Training Day" (was very impressed because I normally dislike Denzel Washington), talked with his folks about their yard and the bbq that they are planning for me, and a little relaxing.

Today, the actual Holy Day of my Birth, I have spent making a huge bbq feast for my folks......steak, mushrooms, onions, shrimp salad, etc. I also made a chocolate chocolate chip cake for the family coming over tonight. In between, I managed to clean the bathroom, dust, do windows, and straighten up my room. Again, not a relaxing day but I loved every minute of it....oh, other than the horrible stinky onion breath I have now and will have to get rid of before Dylan get's over here!

Oh, keep the fingers crossed and send out positive money energy to is his third interview and he is scared to death. Hopefully the weekend we had together got him to relax a little bit, but I doubt it.

Speaking about weekends, I am doing the typical "Dylan's birthday month" and continuing my birthday on to this weekend. His parents are going to bbq for me and then Dylan get's to spend all weekend taking me to my birthday dinner, doing things that I like, taking me to see "Goldmember"...all the cool stuff that birthday girls like.....he just doesn't know it yet!

Again, thank you to everybody for making my birthday very enjoyable and memorable....I send out hugs, love, and positive vibes to all of you! May the God and Goddess bless all of you and keep you safe.