Thursday, September 06, 2001

Let me catch you up to speed.....

Last Friday we had a lay off....19 people to be exact and, of course, my department was hit the hardest. Then on Tuesday, when we all got back to work, they turned our CSC back into customer services reps, so they are on the phones full time, like the rest of us pee-ons. The mood was somber, everybody was afraid to speak. Then the bomb dropped, I had to go back to the old schedule ofr 9-6:00 pm. I thought I would hate it, but I actually have enjoyed the sleeping in a couple of extra hours, the phones are really slow from 5:00 until 6:00, so I get all of my work done then. So, all in all, it was not that bad of an experience. I guess the best part of the lay-offs is that all of the problem creatures were let go, other than "grunter", but I can live with her. If not, you will all read about it!

The folks finally got home today and I am so happy!!!! Doing the work of three people in that house was a pain in the ass. But the good side was having my honey-bunny over to keep me company once in awhile...when I could stand to let somebody into my space like that. The other good side was that there was no paranormal activity this time.