Thursday, October 06, 2005

Part two of today...

I have been a slack ass about blogging. I have been busy with families in for the wedding, the wedding itself, and getting my folks ready and off to Hawaii.

The wedding was magical, that is about all I can say. Everything went absolutely perfect, everyone had a great time, I did not bolt or get tasered by Jeremy, everything was just perfect and I have the most amazing set of best friends in the world to thank for it.

The folks are in Hawaii...landed yesterday, and are already having a great time. My Mama forgot that there is a four hour time change and called me last night at 8:00 to let me know that they got there....thinking it was 4:00 our time because it was 4:00 their time. They are going to have such a wonderful time, I just know it. Unfortunately, this vacation of theirs will probably kill me since now I having to get up at 2:30 am to get myself ready for work, get my animals fed, then stop at their house to get their animals fed, watered, let them out, and clean litterboxes. Then I do that stuff all over again when I get home from work and am not getting to bed until around 9:00. Then to top that off, Dylan's folks are leaving this weekend for their vacation so we will be taking care of their house too!. Oh well, it makes me look forward to my honeymoon that much more.

Bad news....for some reason I am just not in the Halloween spirit this year. I have the house somewhat decorated, the yard somewhat decorated...I just don't have the energy or motivation to really go all out. I think the wedding has just burned up my energy. Oh well, I will enjoy it as it comes and plan on making next year just spectacular!!!

Good mood and energy level have been very high. I have been accomplishing a lot at home and at work and my mood about everything has just been positive. I have seen a few positive changes in myself that I really have enjoyed. Good thing I have that energy for taking care of the houses....

Started my day out right. Big thanks to my horoscope for the day.....

Cancer June 22 - July 22
After three long years, and 18 months before parole, prison sex is just as boring and rote as any other kind.