Thursday, July 21, 2005

Dear Diary Thursday...

Mood....really, really good.

Ahhhh, I came into my desk being decorated for my b-day!!! It is actually really cute as it is "Island themed" and so it is very bright. What more can a girl ask for!!

And here is my public apology to my gay-boyfriend Shane...I AM SO SORRY THAT I RUINED YOUR SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR ME....*SOB*. It was incredibly sweet of Shane to go through all of the trouble of arranging the festivities for me and I know that it will be an awesome evening, even if I do already know about it. The amount of energy and work that he goes through to try and make me happy...I guess that is just one more reason to add to the very long list of reasons that I love him so very, very much!!!

After work yesterday, I went and hung out with my mom for an hour and chatted. My sister is at it again and I am hoping that I won't even have the "pleasure" of seeing her on my birthday. Again, as it is common place for her, she is turning everything into "all about her"...including my birthday. She actually told my Mom that I didn't have to go over to my parent's house (even though we do this every single year and have since the day that I was born) but that "they could just show up at my house". Yeah, that is a bright idea since I will be out all day with Dylan and I am bringing over cake and ice cream to my Parent's house so that they don't have to go through any effort and will have cake and ice cream LEFT OVER to have! What a fucking bitch. I am sure that the time spent at my folks' house for my birthday, if she is there, will be completely uncomfortable and a possible fight will happen....she is looking for one.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dear Diary Wednesday....

Mood...much, much better.

I woke up feeling better today than I have all last weekend and this week. After having a lot talk with myself last night, and having several vivid and insightful dreams (oh, and two nights of deep, restful sleep didn't hurt either) I think I might start looking forward to the weekend, which does involve my birthday. It is going to be a very busy weekend, but I feel that it will have some good times in it.

I am leaving early tomorrow to go and get my nails done and then I will probably head home to either do yardwork or housework, maybe both. And then I think Dylan and I will probably do our typical Thursday night event....go hang out at the Gateway. Friday Dylan is taking me shopping, for what I am not sure as I am not in need of anything. That evening is when my family always gets together for birthday cake and stuff. I probably won't hang out there long as there are going to be people at my folks' house that I have no desire to see. Saturday is still up in the air, but since Dylan took Friday off for my birthday, I am sure we will hang out again...maybe go see a movie. Sunday is for my folks as my mom wants to take me shopping too and possibly that night we are going to go over to Dylan's folks house for food. All in all, I plan on accomplishing a great deal but trying to have a good time.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Dear Diary Monday...

Mood....kinda in a funk....

Dylan and I went and saw "Batman" on was good and I enjoyed having two hours that I really did not need to think about anything. Prior to that, we went and got our wedding cake, which cost the same as my wedding dress. It is beautiful and will taste really good, so I guess that makes it all worth it.

Saturday I spent the day mowing everyone's lawn and doing some projects around my parents house. My Daddy found out last week that he has a bone spur and the tendon running along the bottom of his foot is crossing right over top of the bone spur making it almost impossible for him to work and his foot has been about three times larger than it should be. He has to pretty much stay off of it until July 27th, in which he will be getting foot orthotics. And because of this problem, he is now unable to do many things that he enjoys, like yard work, and so I am now taking care of both of them.

Sunday, I took the folks out grocery shopping and spent some more time with them. It was nice to get them out walking around and just being out of the house. By the time we got home, Mom was in pain from her surgery and Daddy was in pain from his was good to be home.

Yeah, I am in a funk mood lately. I guess I am just doing so much that I really have not had time to relax and when I DO try and relax, it is impossible. Ask Dylan. And I was extremely irritated by a comment that was made to me about my birthday coming my family wants me to come over to my parent's house on Friday when everyone will be there....not when I am available or when it is convenient for me, but when it is CONVENIENT for everyone else to celebrate it. One more reason that I ABSOLUTELY HATE my birthday every year.