Friday, June 23, 2006

Dear Diary Friday....

Last night's BBQ at the in-laws was a great deal of fun. It is nice being able to have a conversation with people who have a conversation BACK with you. I hate having to keep a conversation alive! Then again, I do have raging PMS right now so I pretty much hate EVERYTHING.

I drove Dylan's vehicle into work this morning, as he is taking mine to get the inspection done and then taking my Daddy to HOPEFULLY, his last neck appointment. I actually forgot how much fun driving a stick-shift is.....but I am also reminded how happy I am that I don't drive one all the time. No patience for gutless cars.

So, tonight I am spending the evening with Tonster and Rob, letting them pour wonderful BBQ down my throat, and hopefully I will be chasing that back with a few alcoholic beverages. It will just be nice to be surrounded by some wonderful and positive energy. I have discovered this week how I just do not handle being around negative attitudes very well anymore. I actually stopped a person in mid sentence with me because I was tired of listening to that person go on and on and on about everybody else.....just couldn't do it. And I can't stand people that create a bad situation for themselves (insert here any type of bad situation) but then choose not to do anything about that situation other than BITCH. Did I mention I have PMS?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dear Diary Thursday...

I am back into another string of no-sleep nights. I managed to get about a total of two hours last night, but spent the rest of it tossing and turning, getting up, and just lying there with my eyes open. I hate the first couple of nights of this. I am hoping by the time I get home tonight from a BBQ, I will be so exhausted that I will REALLY be able to sleep, then again, I am not counting on anything.

Yesterday was not a good day. The work day on Tuesday ended REALLY bad and I ended up coming home in not a very good mood. It stayed on my mind all night and I woke up in an even worse mood for work. I just stayed to myself and kept quite and got a great deal accomplished. I guess that is the good part of keeping quite.....the amount of work you can do!!! I am hoping that today will be a better day for me, but since I have PMS, I won't be counting those chickens as of yet.

Good news for today...TONI'S LAST DAY AT P5 HELL! YAY!~

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dear Diary Tuesday...

Yesterday was just plain BUSY at work. We send out monthly reports to all of our clients and we include a very nice cover letter explaining any company updates, new info, etc. We also include the name, phone number, and e-mail of the Plan Controllers for each group....and that is where it all started. I am the lead controller for a very large plan, along with co-controller of the East Coast....the letters have gone out and my name is the first one on the list so if there is a problem, they are calling me first before anyone else. Oh, its been fun! Seriously, it was busy and I had stress but STILL not anything like my previous employer and I am still loving my job. I also am trying to start a new habit....bringing my lunch every day but one out of the week. My co-worker also has been doing this so during our lunch, we went out to the Gallivan center and ate, relaxed, talked, and just took a nice break. I know with Toni starting here next week, she will be really good about keeping in me in this habit, because she is REALLY good about bringing her lunch. And I figure with the money I can be saving, I will be spending it on my birthday, my trip in September, Christmas, and hopefully very soon, a new computer for Dylan and I.

Also started back to the gym last night, and it was fantastic! My Momma and I did all the machines for upper-body and then did the track....and then did more walking at Wal-Mart to get our grocery shopping done. It is going to be a terribly busy week for me after work each night, but I will be managing to make sure I get some gym time, as I have decided the gym is where I can get some "Me Time". Hopefully I will be making this a habit too!

Things that make me smile at night: hearing Helga snoring from under the bed....for whatever reason, it makes me feel safe.

Things that make me smile in the morning: hearing Spooky and Melvin hollaring for me....

Monday, June 19, 2006

Dear Diary Monday....

Exhausted but in a great mood! It was a long, long weekend with just too much crammed into it, but everybody had a great time. Friday, Dylan and I did shopping for Father's Day until I was just too tired to move anymore. Saturday, the folks and I went to the Amish Quilt Show down in Spanish Fork and had a wonderful time!! After we finally got back home, I spent the rest of the evening running from my house to their house to check on my Tinkerbell while my parents went to a play with my brother. Sunday, FATHERS DAY, we spent the morning with Dylan's folks and Aunt at breakfast, and then we spent some time with my Dad, and then headed back to the house to put Dylan to bed. I managed to get a bit of a nap, did some cleaning, and spent some more time over at the folks house. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. Now on to a busy week!!!