Friday, June 07, 2002

Oh boy!!

The time is ticking down before I can start to celebrate THE WEEKEND!!! Can you tell how much I am looking forward to it? Dylan and I have already got it narrowed down to, dinner, seeing a movie, going to the duck park, showing off my vehicle to his folks, and relaxing as much as possible(that usually consists of renting movies and window shopping). So yes, I am a happy girl. The biggest reason is just because it will be nice to hang out with my man. Oh, and next week I get him ALL too myself as well, being that we are going to Mesquite.

So, work got interesting....wish I could elaborate but I believe a co-worker reads this, so I won't. Lets just say that it is official, I am only a pee-on and nothing more. I will no longer be busting my ass to do "extra tasks" and helping out in a "supervisory" capacity.........however, it will not affect my mood because my job is so very little of who I truly am.

Oh, and there are only 146 more days until Halloween!!!!

Thursday, June 06, 2002

Yeah, yeah.....

Okay, Saturday I get my remote keyless entry on my Vue.....wooo hooo!

Anyways, work has been okay lately...I am back to being caught up, almost ahead, so things are good. Today I am leaving a little early and gong to get my hair fact, in less than an hour! Just gonna get a little trim. Then I am going to go home and do a little bit of fertilizing of the yard, since I didn't do that earlier this week.......

Oh, yesterday was Michele's b-day and she went to the Kenny Chesney concert....our little cowpoke. Give her crap if you get a chance!!!

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Wooo hoooo....

Dylan had yesterday and he came and took me too lunch. We are getting too darn cutsey! We missed each other so much that we 1) argue the minute we talk to each other, 2) spend the rest of that evening apologizing to each other, 3) spend the next day IMing each other apologizing, and 4) have to get together because we can't stand being away from each other anymore! Yeah, yeah, yeah.....shut the fuck up....I already know how sickening it is. Anyways, he bought me my very FIRST doll in the Living Dead Dolls collection....Bride of Valentine....and she is sooooooooo adorable! If you are interested in seeing my OTHER collection, go to are the coolest.

Anyways, I pulled a 6:30 am to 6:00pm shift yesterday, and still left work with stuff on my desk! It is getting worse and worse with the workload and it is pathetic that I have to work an extra two hours on a DAILY basis to keep caught up! But, the good side is that with all the comp time I get, I pretty much never have to take a vacation or sick day and can use it whenever.......

So, only two more days and the weekend is here......thank the Goddess! Dylan and I are going to spend every moment we can together....probably go see a movie, do some outdoor activities, visit the duck park, do some shopping....all the good stuff that we love to do together......I can't wait!!

Thanks again to Scottie for letting my Boo-boo come and stay with him.....sorry he pretty much destroyed your entire apartment before he left, farted in front of the girl, and other various icky boy things.....

Tuesday, June 04, 2002


It is true..the planned reunion of Dylan and I did not turn out the way it should have.....I think the stress level of both of us missing each other took its toll and we were upset at missing each other so decided to change that pain into anger...if that make any sense. I am sure we will make up for it today and this least that is what we are both hoping..... Compatibility Test

Your match with Dylan
you are 68% similar
you are 81% complementary

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Sunday, June 02, 2002

Great weekend......

Even without Dylan being in town, I was able to have a wonderful time! Saturday evening was wonderful! We managed to actually surprise Michelle at the Skybox, had wonderful company, the video games afterwards were hilarious, and then watching Michelle get stupid drunk capped the evening off like nothing else would have!

Today was nice. I made a huge dinner of marinated steaks for bbqing, a home made potatoe salad, and smoked mushrooms with green peppers and onions....the folks loved it and that is what it was for. I also washed the new Vue since it got rained out and wiped out the inside. I cleaned a little but not as intensly as I should have, and I swear, the day has flown by! My own sibling and her brood are now here for an early happy b-day for my mom. For some reason, the three nieces are irritating the holy fuck right out of me, so I am hiding in my den writing this. Soon, very soon, I will have to join them........helpppppp mmmmmmeeeeeee!!

Anyways, it sounds like Dylan is having a great time in Denver. They didn't go to Six Flags, but drove to Boulder to hang out. Tonight is the Elvis Costello show and then tomorrow, they are driving back home. I probably won't be able to see him until Tuesday, as they ususally don't get in until late and I am sure he will be exhausted. Maybe, just maybe, if they get home at a fairly decent hour, I will drive over to show him the Vue.......