Friday, June 30, 2006

Dear Diary Friday...

Yesterday was a bad day at work....I woke up with a headache and by the time I got to work it was a migraine....and once I get to work I stay there and suffer, so I did just that. It was HORRIBLE! However, in all of that, I managed to get a lot of stuff done, so I was pretty happy.

Today is hopefully going to be a pretty quiet day at work. We have a lunch meeting with pizza being provided, I don't plan on working really hard today, and then am suppose to stop by after work for Happy Hour with a few co-workers, then over to Jer and Michelle's for a BBQ. Geez, after work seems REALLY busy now that I am looking at it!

The weekend is going to be awesome! Dylan and I are spending all day Saturday just playing and shopping, then we are going to watch a movie and relax. He is going to go in late to work so we can have some quality time together. Sunday is going to be my day to get a whole bunch of yardwork done AND hopefully a whole bunch of housework. Right now, the yardwork is more imperative because I have an obnoxious amount of weeds in my flower beds in the back yard AND I have not mowed the lawn in almost a week and a half....and so it is DESPERATE! And then I am off Tuesday, like most people, and my Mom and I are going to spend the day together SHOPPING! YAY!!!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dear Diary Tuesday....

Oh, can't it be the weekend yet?? Yep, and that was said with a pathetic whine and everything!!!

I'm tired. I want the weekend. I want to spend time with My Man and do some fun things, and some fun shopping, and watch some movies, and not have any obligations, and just really relax! Last weekend was pretty bad for me in a physical way and my body is still trying to recooperate from it. I just want a weekend!!! Okay, I will quit whining for now.

Work has been busy. It is great having Toni on board and she fit right in with everyone. It is nice working at a company that regardless of your sex, your color, your body type, or even your attitude, everybody still likes you. And everyone is REALLY looking forward to Toni dishing dirt on me, which I have already threatened her to no avail.

Things that make me angry: when you do a favor for somebody and they turn it around to make you feel that they are doing you a favor. GGGRRROOOOWWWLLLL! I hate that!

Things that make me happy: sitting with a really good friend and you don't even need to speak because you are that comfortable with them. Oh, and Lizzie wanting me to hold her until she goes to sleep....that was just extra cute last night.