Friday, March 07, 2008

Dear Diary Friday...

Holy Shit, it has been a busy week! My work load has doubled since last week as I picked up a entire new carrier, and starting in the next two weeks, I will be "co-partnering" with another CSC and picking up a THIRD carrier. Yeah, I have plenty to do, thanks! Oh, and that does not take into account that I have invoices to mail out, claims to pay, and enrollments to enter.

Also, I have spent the week going to the gym...right up to yesterday when I hurt my back. I was not sure if I had hurt it OR if it was a kidney infection....but it is an injury. It was hurting this morning so I did about 5-10 minutes of stretching, took some IB, and it seems better now.

I also got my hair colored and chopped off....again. I can't stand it getting long, and I didn't want to deal with it while we are in Vegas or Maui, so it is short again. It is a spikey mess, but I actually like it.

Today, I am only working until noon as little goat-devil dog, Coal, has a vet appointment to get all of his shots and his license so we can board him at the Petsmart Hotel. We have our reservations, we just need him updated so he doesn't get sick. I am pretty excited about him staying there for three days and I think he will actually like it. We also need to do some MAJOR grocery shopping this week, and I think I am going to go get a couple of swimsuits (*shudder*)....but we will see.....

Monday, March 03, 2008

Dear Diary Monday...

It was a very quiet weekend. I spent Saturday morning picking up dog poop in the yard, then trimmed a couple of bushes and raked the back yard. I then got ready to go hang out with Dylan and we drove over to check out the new Petsmart is awesome! I think Coal will really like spending a few days there this month. We then grabbed dinner and headed home to watch the UFC Pay Per View....ended up going to bed early as Dylan was so exhausted.

Sunday I got up and made us a huge bowl of WW crab salad for dinner, cleaned the hamster's cage, did a little bit of light housekeeping and then relaxed the rest of the day....pretty pathetic. My Daddy did come over for a little while so I could write a letter for him and then Dylan's Mom came over last night with 8 bottles of different juice. She is putting us on a vitamin/free-radical killer maintenance program since we have really been hitting the gym hard and she is worried that all of the free-radicals running around in our body will either make us sick or kill us. It was nice to hang out with her for a little while and learn about this diet we will be doing. As soon as the product comes in, I think Dylan and I will be living on juice and powder supplements from the amount she is bringing over!!

Oh, and sometime last week I was walking and ran my hand into the corner of a filing cabinet...oh GOD did it hurt! So now I have a big yello bruise on my hand by my thumb, but the bad part is it must have struck a nerve because the tendon running down my wrist is so painful that I can hardly type AND it makes a couple of my fingers go numb.

And an exciting week is planned.....I am getting new SHORT hair for my vacations. I have decided that I just can not grow my hair is just impossible and I absolutely hate it. So, going shorter, putting some more chunks of dark brown in it....just going to find me something that is easy to manage, does not take a lot of time to do in the morning and a much sassier look to it.