Friday, February 23, 2007

Dear Diary Friday....

The one thing about storms is that they ALWAYS give me a headache....and yep, I got one!!! I am really looking forward to getting out of work today, going to pick up Duffy at the vet, going home and just crashing for awhile.....I think I need some time to just not THINK. Ever had one of those days??

Weekend is not gonna be as exciting as I was hoping. I have my Daddy's lunch date with his buddies on Saturday and because of a timing issue, I won't get to go see Reno 911 with Tonster and Rob!!! So, I guess I will be going to my Weight in in the morning and then hanging out after that until I take my folks to their lunch and then I am not sure what I am doing that evening. Since Dylan rented some videos, maybe some of it will be involved with watching those...who knows. Sunday....well, I am kinda playing that by ear because I am really hoping it will just be a night where I can relax all day, maybe do some laundry, take a nap...ya know how that goes.

And again, all my love, thoughts, energy, and prayers with Shane and Chet and the families.....know I love you more and more each day, my boys!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dear Diary Thursday....

Holy Crap!!! Last night was HORRIBLE! Dylan and I ended up at Central Valley Emergency with Melvin. Melvin has been sounding congested but last night it sounded like he was purring through a bowl of phlegm jell-o! So, we pack him up, head to the vet, and right when we pull in and park....HE GETS CAR SICK ALL OVER ME! Yeah, it was pretty. The vet checked him out, he is doing really well and could either have a slight case of pneumonia, tonsillitis, OR little nodules in the back of his throat. Whatever the case, he is on antibiotics and will be just fine. And while driving home, I got the saddest phone call I have ever received from Shane. All I can say is, you boys both know how much I love you and my heart and my energy is with you both, and your families at this time. Know that whatever you are in need of, you have from Dylan and myself, and with all of us, we will help you all get through this as one big family.

After getting home, I collapsed into bed and slept until the alarm woke me up...and I am still feeling exhausted! It will be nice to go home, relax a little bit, and go to bed with Dylan.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday...

After five more tests ( none of them were ultrasounds DAMMIT) and a whole bunch of pain to the was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! The doctor, on the fifth test, came in and said "Gawd! Go home! We thought it was nothing and we were right!" and sent me on my way. I got to see all of the x-rays and I can see why they thought it "might" be something but after they squished my boob down to the size of a freakin' DIME on the last x-ray it came back perfectly clear. And yes, I am sore and probably will be all day but I AM HEALTHY! That is all that counts. And no Toni, I ain't doin it again for five years!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dear Diary Tuesday, part two...

Just got a call from St Marks and they found something.....gotta go in tomorrow morning (first available opening) for more tests. I am trying hard not to freak out, I really am, but I am not excited or happy about it either.....

However, I am happy to report that there will NOT be needles involved!! YEAH!!!!

Dear Diary Tuesday...

All of my thoughts, prayers, and energy are with Chet and Shane at this time. Know that if you need absolutely ANYTHING at all, just let me know and Dylan and I will be there in a heartbeat. Seriously....there is no place in Salt Lake that I can't get to within 15 minutes with the way that I drive!!!!

And all of my thoughts, prayers, and energy with Enid! Know that I love you like my "Mom away from my Mom"!

Oh, the weekend is shaping up nicely! Toni is trying to organize a "movie day" for all of us and I am sooooo excited to hear her giggly dork laugh during the movie!! Plus, I might be able to have some POPCORN with BUTTER on it!!! WOO HOO !!!! Speaking of food, I am continuing my quest with Weight Watchers, but I think I am going to incorporate the Cambridge Diet into it as well, just as a "jump start" to my body to kick it in the ass and get it in geat to losing weight. My body is arguing with me right now about letting some of the fat go. And if anyone knows me, especially my body, arguing with me is just stupid. I will win, REGARDLESS!!!!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Dear Diary Monday...

Well, here I am at work, bored out of my freakin' mind! Yep, I am one of the few people that actually has to work today. Oh well, I am getting a lot of stuff accomplished, like filing, answer a few phone calls, looking around at the stuff on the Internet.....all the important stuff!!!

I have had the worst chocolate cravings lately! I am not sure what my problem is but I need to get it under control! I just downed four chocolate hearts and I am looking for me! Somebody pull my tongue out!!!!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dear Diary Sunday...

Friday I left work and headed to my first ever MAMMOGRAM. It actually was not nearly as bad as everyone says they are. It is uncomfortable, but not painful. However, I did discover that if you are small-breasted, then it probably WILL be painful...sorry. I then headed home and got to see SHANE hanging out with Dylan. Shane came over in the morning and spent the day setting up our new computer, dismantling my old computer, scrubbing my old computer to "wash" everything off of it, made all of the cords in my office pretty and just was absolutely wonderful and amazing (as always) in helping Dylan and I out. Dylan and then I headed out to meet up with Toni and Rob for a "Weight Watcher's" friendly dinner at Sweet Tomatoes....and it was great! We sat and gabbed and ate and talked some was fun.

Saturday, Dylan and I got up and headed to WW both down 1 plus pounds (YAY!) and then headed to our Saturday morning breakfast routine....Einsteins. We then headed home and he left to go and get us movies and I left to take my Daddy over to Western Gardens to start picking out stuff to get ready to start our planting. I then went home and Dylan and I spent the entire day relaxing on the couch in the basement, watching tv and a movie and getting Cafe Rio for dinner. I can't even begin to tell you how nice it was to be able to relax as much as we did.

Today I spent the day with my Mom and took her EVERYWHERE she needed to go to get shopping done....Wal-Mart, Petsmart, Costco, Lowes, Smith's and Harmons. It got her out for a few hours and I really think she needed that. I am not at home, relaxing again, waiting for Dylan to get up so we can have dinner....chicken, onions and artichokes, mashed potatoes...YUMMY!!!