Friday, August 17, 2001

Okay, check out the link know, cut and paste. This is a story on Marc. If you don't know who Marc Atkinson is, then e-mail me directly and I will explain him to you at I just don't feel like going to my whole history of growing up with him, him moving away, him becoming a police officer, him getting killed in the line of duty after getting married and having a beautiful little boy, etc, etc, etc. All I can say is that Rory Vertigan will forever be my hero and an angel in my eyes.

On to a better went pretty well today and I am home doing my laundry....YEAH!!!! I love laundry! As stupid as that sounds, but cleaning and gardening are so cathartic to me.

Oh, got to see The Rock last night at the first live broadcasting of Smackdown! ever at the E-Center. All I can say is that 1) The Rock is much shorter than I thought, but just as beautiful, 2) I was honestly touched by the relationship that Sara and the Undertaker have ( you can tell that they care about eat other, he waits for her before he leaves the ring, picks her up out of the rings, etc. and 3) people that stand in front of me and block out the sun deserve to have my gum thrown on them and to be spit on by me several times. 'Nufff said.

So what is everybody else doing this weekend??????


Oh lordy, the stupid stuff I am looking forward to for this weekend. I have got lots and lots and lots of laundry to do and I love doing laundry. That will be most of my Saturday afternoon....after I get shopping done. Then my honey-bunny and I are going shopping on Sunday! WOOOHHHHOOOOOO!!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Oh, I did forget the good news. Shane and Chet are going to be able to go to Mesquite with us in September.....that makes me happy. Other than that, have been a pretty distant friend of late. I guess I am just drained of all my energy and not able to put a lot out to others. Mesquite with hopefully help me with that.

wow....the week is dragging again. I was hoping that with my refreshing, new, adjusted outlook on Monday that it would carry me through the week...stupid me. Things at work just get more and more interesting. Had one person go to lunch and went on an "appointment", didn't make it back before I left. Oh, and she works until 6:00 pm. The other 6:00 pm person got to leave to go play golf. SOOOO that left nobody on my account to stay until 6:00pm. So guess what I did? I left! Yep, that should tell you where my thoughts were. I figured that if my supervisor was that fucking stupid to let both of them go, THINKING that the problem girl would be back before I left, than she can get on the phones until the problem showed back up....if she ever did. Oh, I forgot to tell you why my 'tude is in the toilet....

Yesterday, before I left work, I sent an e-mailt o my acting supervisor telling her that my phone stats would probably be sucky due to all the projects she had me working on and that I would need an hour off the phone today to get caught up on MY work. Well, I get in to work today and I have a response from her. Her response is telling me that she appreciates all the help I am giving her but 1) I should never be off the phone without first ookaying it with her, 2) the projects that she gave me are no excuse for me being off the phone since I should have told her I was needing to be off the phone, that I apparently have not opened up our lines of communication, and 3) there is no way that she can afford to have me off the phone at all today since I am the strongest call taker. So here was my response....I walked all the projects over to her desk, with sticky notes on them explaining what has been done and asked her to give them to somebody else who has more time than I do. She then went into a meeting and asked another supervisor, who is a good friend of mine, what my issue was today since I was obviously so pissy. Well, she got told in a very BLUNT fashion, probably more blunt than what I would have used.

Gawd, is it the weekend yet??

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

I'm tired..........

Had a rough day at work. I guess my new job title at my employer is "babysitter" or "project manager" because I seem to be doing both of those......a LOT! I am making myself look really good, or I should say, the pit-boss is making me look good because she is entrusting me to do all these projects, but HELL woman! I am tired and there are only so many hours in the day!!!! I am soooo beat that I actually came home and looked forward to doing NOTHING, and if you know me, you know that means I must be DAMN TIRED because I always have something to do. The downside to this exhaustion is that it is making me not go to the gym. Lousy excuse I know, but I AM TIRED! Are you getting the gist of things here????? I need to spend some time getting my energy back by doing some meditation, but I think the goddess would be offended if I fell asleep while doing that! Damn, can't make either world happy!!!!

Still looking forward to my weekend with my honey-bunny!

Oh, and Thursday is the live WWF Smackdown at th E-Center! WOOOHHOOOOOOOOO!! I get to see The Rock! And if the Fates like me, I hope that Mick Foley will be there 'cuz he's CUUUUTTTEEEEE (said just for My Boys!!!) Anyways, I hope to make a giant ass out of myself like I did last time and yell something completely stupid when it gets really quite. Did you know that sometimes if you are THINKING of something, it comes out of your mouth, and in my case, really loudly??? Just a heads up to everybody if you didn't know that.

Okay, I am not getting ANY feedback on my questions of the week, so we will change it......


Monday, August 13, 2001

Oh Grace, now you have done it. The Knee Fairies talked to me about you...they are gonna get you now. I would watch those knees.......

Had a great day at work. Guess it was the horrible weekend that I had that kind of put my life into a little bit of perspective. Let me e'splain Lucy......

Weekend was full of piss and vinegar fighting that was truly "unnecessary" but needed to open up a better line of communtion between me and the most important person in my honey-bunny. Without going into details, there were a lot of tears, a lot of hurtful words, and things worked out for the very best. It also changed my thoughts about work. I love my job and I love the company that I work with, but I am not my job. I decided I needed to get a handle on my stress there. So the thought patterns changed. I will do 110% every day, I will make my clients happy, I will make my co-workers happy, I will make my superiors happy, but I will only do what I can and no more than that. I will also not do another person's job who is capable of doing it themselves. No bad karma, just a dose or reality. And guess what? The stupid, pain in the ass, loser on my group is getting moved off of my group on Monday!!! Guess more positive energy into the world really does come back three fold!!!! Now I gotta work on my Toni...........

Anyways, what am I gonna do for my Scottie to make his life more happy? Well, I am gonna channel some blessing in his direction this evening and this weekend. Gonna write him happy notes to let him know I miss and love him. And, most importantly, I am going to bug him each and every day until he gets so damn sick of it he comes back here for a weekend just to punch me in the arm!!

Alas, the new attitude, the new workout, and the new diet or showing results. Wasn't a good girl today, though. Came home and refused to go to the gym. I think the whole weekend has zapped my energy. Will reload, do it tomorrow!!!!!

Oh Gracie.....they are SO gonna get you!!!!! I think one of them said she had a friend named Christopher........

Sunday, August 12, 2001

Wow, "The Others" was scary.......I screamed and jumped through the whole thing and there was not one bit of blood in it. Now THAT is a scary movie!!!!

Okay, Connie wanted to start some discussions, so here goes........

1) If it is OBVIOUS that you are interested in somebody else, and even co-workers/friends have commented on it....should you persue the matter even if the other person has not shown any signs of the same? Also, if you are in a relationship (whether it be marriage/dating/etc) should you end that one FIRST before going after the other one?

2) If you are having "feelings" (god, I hate that term, but that is what she used!) that your significant other is cheating on you, but you have no hard core evidence ( basically NO EVIDENCE at all!!) should you confront the other person?

3) How far into a relationship do you get before it no longer matters how much time you spend on yourself to look good for the other person because they don't give a rat's ass anyways???

4) Does anybody believe in PHERMONES???

5) How many people think that George W. Bush is an ass who is going to methodically screw over ever single person in this country, one way or another?

Okay, you pick which one to discuss............