Tuesday, June 05, 2001


Monday, June 04, 2001

Just couldn't keep away, I guess....

Had a pretty good weekend. My mom's b-day was this weekend and I did everything I could to spoil her on HER DAY. Being the youngest of 10, I guess I was raised with more respect for my folks. I have always watched almost every sibling of mine take advantage of them in one form or another. SOOO, that is why it formed my 1) respect for elderly people, 2) believing that it is an honor to take care of your parents, and 3) being very out spoken. This is probably very old fashioned for many people that know me, but I just believe that I was chosen to take care of any elderly person that I know. Anyways, I made her day as special as I could...took her to breakfast and dinner, bought her lots of gifts, made the yard as beautiful as possible, cleaned the house...just did everything I could so she could relax yesteray. I hope I made it a good one for her.