Friday, May 06, 2005

Dear Diary Friday...

Mood...fucking lousy.

Yep, that is the mood I woke up in this morning. I have a really piss-poor attitude about just about everything. Here are somethings I am contemplating/venting about....if you don't like it, stop reading here, fuck off, and go to another blog:

1. Why do I keep this stupid blog going? I found out that not even my fiance' reads it anymore.
2. Why do I keep working at this company? I am told that I am going to be off the phones, I am going to be doing a more specialized job working with clients. Know what I am doing? EXACTLY what I was doing before PLUS more work.
3. I get into work yesterday and the customer service supervisor comes back from Hawaii and proceeds to SCREAM at me ON THE FLOOR in front of everyone because she is upset that somebody that she does not like (not even ME) was allowed access to her computer and e-mail. Yes, on top of everything else that I do at this company, I am also the punching bag/venting person. Have a bad day....go fucking scream at Lorene about it!
4. I hate it when I am scheduled out two or three weeks in advance.....EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY.
5. FUCK!

Nope, didn't make me feel better in the least.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Dear Diary Wednesday....


I have a very disturbing, very sick new websites. I was on the computer for two hours last night, after working, looking and reading as many website I could find. If you are not familiar with that term it means "pro-anorexic, pro-choice, pro-eating disorder." These are men and women who live an anorexic/bulemic lifestyle by choice, do not feel that they have any problem, and do not wish to find recovery. Why am I becoming obsessed with these...I DO NOT KNOW! And believe this or not, I got some damn good recipes from a couple of them!!! I think I find it interesting to read about their lifestyles, how they do through a day obsessing over a pack of gum of drinking 6 glasses of water before each meal so that they can't it. And some of their graphics on their blogs are really cool. These are incredibly intelligent people, most are in college, school of some sort, or professional and they know how to do a layout on a website!! Guess it is just perverted curosity for now.....but we'll see.

Work has been hectic but I have been enjoying it. I am helping train our new batch of people so I have been running from my corner with my team to the other corner where the trainee's are. It will be nice when they are all out on the floor and trained so that I can start doing my own job.

Mom's doctor called last night and is scheduling her an appointment with a vascular surgeon. I am feeling really positive about all of this because it will just be nice to have it done so that she no longer has it stressing her....and having me and my sister on her back about it!

Monday, May 02, 2005

Dear Diary Monday...


New favorite junk food.....Funyuns with WASABI

The weekend was good. Dylan and I met up with the Netzlers on Friday at the OG and then went to the Super Pet Adoption afterwards. It was a very relaxing evening, no expectations....just great friends and fuzzy animals!!

Saturday I did all the laundry in the house, worked a bit outside when it wasn't sprinkling, and paid claims all day. I did talk to Michelle for a little while and the poor kid has the worst cold I have heard in a long time. And being that she is pregnant, she is pretty limited on what she can take. That afternoon we met up with Dylan's folks to celebrate his Dad's birthday at La Puente and then went to their house to hang out for awhile. Again, a very relaxing day and evening.

Sunday I did kidding. I finished up the laundry and did just some minor things around the house, but mostly I was just a lazy person! I did make dinner and read, but that will probably the most strenuous activity I had. Oh, it was so nice. I can feel that my "batteries" are charged again so I might be good to go for a couple of months.

Good news/bad mom's aortic aneurysm has finally gotten big enough that she will need surgery, that is the bad news. The good news is that she is not arguing about the surgery and we should be meeting with a vascular surgeon sometime this week. I have a really good feeling about this and it will be nice just to have this problem taken care of so that everyone can quit worrying about it and bugging my poor Mom. I will keep this blog updated about it.