Friday, November 17, 2006

Dear Diary Friday....

We had fun yesterday! Dylan got up and brought me in to work and we were going to have Happy Hour with the gang here at work but......! Yep, shit fell apart. Dylan was driving to his hair appointment and heard a horrible metal clang under the car, while driving, and then suddenly had no ability to shift gears! He managed to get it to Saturn, call me, they gave him a rental, and after a long day of worrying about it we find out that it is a cable and it will be fixed by today. All I could think of is that we were going to be getting a new transmission for a car that I really, really hate already!! So, good news for us on that. Unfortunately with all of that, we did not make it to Happy Hour, so I had Happy Hour by myself at the house last night...and am somewhat paying for it today.

And today is my "short day" if you can call it that since I was in to work by 5:30.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Dear Diary Monday...

The weekend was pretty uneventful, thank goodness. Dylan was sick all weekend, still, so we took it really easy. I went to a viewing on Friday night and then Saturday, Dylan and I spent the day just relaxing.....I wanted him to get over this as soon as possible. I made a big pot of spicy chili and we just relaxed and watched a few movies and a bunch of TiVo. Sunday I took my parents MEGA shopping, did some yardwork, and then made dinner for Dylan and I. It was just a very uneventful weekend, but I took advantage of it because the next while, every weeky will be dedicated to Thanksgiving and X-mas! And yes, I am gonna work on having a lot of X-mas spirit this year since last Christmas SUCKED ASS!

Week already has some events planned. I arranged a "Happy Hour" for my work this Thursday at the Bayou and will be going there after work to hang out for a couple of hours. Gotta go to this one as I am driving a few of us there AND I have not gone to the last two!! Bad me! Also gotta a couple of nights that I need to do some grocery shopping so that Dylan and I don't have to try and schedule that into our weekend. Oh, and I am gonna spend next Sunday putting up Christmas lights at my folks house! WOOOO HOOOOO!!! And I am keeping my fingers crossed that Dylan will be healed by next weekend and that this illness does not turn into bronchitis.