Friday, March 23, 2007

Dear Diary Friday...

I can sleep better at night....I got my nails back on yesterday!!! YAY!!! They are with black tips, which makes me even more happy....YAY TWICE!!

So, this morning I woke up at 1:57 am and that was all the sleeping for me. Don't know what my problem is but it has now moved into the "irritating" category. I am hoping that this weekend I will be able to get some sleep and make up for the weird waking issues. But the good news is that I got on the scale this morning and I am down 5 pounds from when I started by diet on Sunday...that is now a total of 15 lbs from when I joined Weight Watchers.....WOO HOO!!! I am hoping that it will show on the scale at Weight Watchers when I go to weight in with Dylan tomorrow morning, as well.

Big loves to the Netzlers and Breeze/Rickett clan with their expedition to Las Vegas this weekend. Be safe and have a wonderful time!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dear Diary Thursday...

There is something wrong with me. I have been waking up every monring now, for four days, at 3:00 am. Now, maybe it is my body saying I have slept enough, maybe there is something that is internally waking me up at that time....but it has got to stop! That is just plain irritating!!

The weekend has had a shift in plans. The appointment I had with a tax consultant and my Daddy on Saturday has changed due to a death in the family of the tax consultant. So now Dylan and I actually have the entire Saturday to ourselves...YAY! We are planning on going to the zoo and that is going to be my "bad day" so I plan on having pizza AND a whole side of beef! Honestly, the one thing I have been craving, and I don't know why, is pizza. With all the protein that is in my diet, I think I am craving more carbs than anything. Oh, and speaking of my diet, I tried the Super Oats that I ordered....oh God are they horrible!!! It was like having a spoonful of salt! Even Dylan thought he was going to puke when I had him try it. I think I will be using them for cooking purposes since they sent me a recipe book with my stuff, not trying to eat them like hot mush.....ewww! Everything else has been really good. AND, I was pleasantly surprised by the crystal beverage maker stuff that they sent because I thought that the beverages would taste like watered down Kool-Aid but they are REALLY good!!! All in all, that has not been too bad of an experience and I have lost weight and feel really good. Only about 25 more days to go!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Why is it being such a long week?? I can't believe it is only Wednesday.

The last two nights I have gone straight from work over to my folks house and worked on projects for them. Monday was moving a greenhouse and getting some seeds planted, yesterday was taking them shopping to two different places.....each night getting home late and pretty much going right to bed. And tonight will be another night of shopping, tomorrow I am getting my nails done, Friday is my Daddy's is just one thing after another. If I don't have Sunday to myself, I might just cry!!!

Things I have discovered, again, with being on a diet. You really learn who is supportive of you when you are on a diet and you really learn who can be a snide nasty piece of shit when you are dieting....friends, co-workers, family.....ya just learn! I always wondered why people can not be supportive of you when you are trying something new or trying to do a life change...and don't get me wrong, there has been a lot of support. But I am always surprised by WHO it is that can't be supportive. My first experience with it was this week from a friend who commented with, "God, are you on a liquid diet!", it is not a liquid diet, it involves having some liquids....but WHO GIVES A FUCK! As long as I am happy and not hurting anyone, you should be supportive, or KEEP YOU MOUTH SHUT! But no, they decide that they need to share their negativity with you about why they think you are either 1) being stupid, 2) how it isn't going to work, or 3) it is a waste of my time and money. I love it, just love it. If for no other reason, that gives me more motivation to keep doing what I am doing and achieve something.

Oh! I forgot to share my really, really wonderful news! My cousin, the one who took my folks to Hawaii and then found out he had cancer and has undergone almost two years of extensive chemo and radiation, endless doctor appointments, and just so many near death experiences had his first doctor's appointment on Friday and he is CANCER FREE! He will need to go back every three months, but the doctor feels confident that they have beat it for now! Now Gary gets to start eating normal, gets to have his normal activities, no more hospital visits every day, and will get to come for a visit! When he and his wife come, we are gonna have a HUGE party at our house this summer...and I can't wait!!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Dear Diary Monday...

The new diet is going really well, but I have also got to learn patience and things take a few days to change...LIKE NOT FEELING HUNGER! Yesterday I managed to stay below the 800 calorie marker (shake with orange juice in morning = 190; green beans with 1 tb fake butter = 120; apple = 80; bar = 120; crab salad with celery and fat free mayonnaise = 300; pita = 80) and today I did even better ( shake = 110; soup = 140; crab salad = 300; pita = 80; shake with milk = 190). The one thing that I did learn today is how quickly your calories can bagel without anything on it is 600 freakin' calories!! Oh, the other things that I learned from my friend at work, who has done this for 9 weeks now and has lost 37 lbs, is 1) you need to keep your carbs down so your body goes into ketosis and 2) this is much easier to do with a good friend at work AND my husband being good. Without that kind of support, I would be screwed, and not in a good way!

Coming back to work today after a day off was pretty close to hell. The e-mails were totally out of control, I had a number of call backs, and then when I got that all taken care of....the e-mails started again! Plus, I had to help a few team members with some of their questions because they do not feel comfortable going to our Team Lead as he makes them feel stupid. Oh well, tomorrow is Tuesday, one day close to the weekend and one day closer to my Daddy's birthday!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dear Diary Sunday...

Friday, I took the day off of work and Dylan and I spent the entire day with my folks, trimming the trees in their yard and then having dinner. It was a great experience teaching Dylan how to do that kind of job and he really did an awesome job at it...a true natural. Saturday, we got up and had a HORRIBLE weight in (that we expected) and then headed back to our house to clean up the back yard. We took down the "make shift" fence we put up last year around our flower beds, trimmed some bushes, racked, and just generally cleaned it all looks beautiful. After that, we both collapsed for the remainder of the day. Today, I spent the day getting out laundry finished, a little bit of cleaning, and starting my new diet. The new diet is the Cambridge Diet and it keeps you at 800 or less calories a day. I am tracking my calorie intake and the food that they give you is actually really good. This is not a permanent diet, just something that will help jump start my metabolism so I can start losing the weight again. Plus, I love trying new things!