Saturday, November 02, 2002

Dear Diary Saturday......

Friday was a fun day with Dylan. We got together and went to visit his Aunt Bernice, went and got my nails put back on ( a whole month without them was driving me insane because my fingers were so ugly ), went to Furburbia, went to the Gateway and had dinner at the Happy Sumo ( thanks Jeffy Weffy for that suggestion and next time you are going with us since Dylan won't eat sushi ), then to Media Play, then back to Dylan's to watch "Changing Lanes", which I am still not exactly sure how I felt about it. All in all, a nice relaxing day the day after Halloween.

Okay, let me catch you up on what is going on across the street from me. At 4:30 this morning our New Zealand neighbors across the street started a bonfire in their backyard....not a small one, but a HUGE one and have proceeded to roast 10 pigs all day for a baptism party for their oldest son. Not only is it illegal to have a fire of that size in a residential neighborhood, but it is also illegal to cook meat of that magnitude in a residental neighborhood. What is even more illegal is that fact that this bullshit started at 4:30 in the morning with more than 20 loud and drunk men that scared the holy hell out of my mother. The Goddess will not only be putting a halt to this bullshit, but so will the police after I get off the phone with them!

Thursday, October 31, 2002


Oh, it is a great day! All of the carving and cleaning of the pumpkins was completed by 11:00 am! The special pumpkins were delivered and grocery shopping done by 1:00 pm. We are making "Scary Beef Mole Tamala Pie" for dinner and I did a chicken salad and we have lots and lots of junk food to eat and dessert! Dylan is coming over for dinner and to hang out, we will watch scary movies on tv and pass out trick or treats! Oh, what more can this Witch ask for!!!!!! Also, I will be doing a few blessing and spells tonight for a Blessed Year for everyone! I hope you all are enjoying this day as much as I am!!!

Tomorrow should be as good, if not better. Dylan is off tomorrow so I get to spend the entire day with him being spoiled! Can't wait for that!!!!

Happy Halloween, again!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Dear Diary Wednesday..

I had a brief presentation to do at work today, only lasted 45 minutes, and I was out of there by 10:00am! I got home and my daddy and I cleaned all of the pumpkins. I roasted two bags of pumpkin seeds and in a few minutes, we will start the carving. My goal is to have all of the pumpkins carved by tomorrow and that way tomorrow can be an usually relaxing day for me! Usually on Halloween I am busting myself in two trying to get everything cleaned, carved, cooked, etc. Hopefully, tomorrow won't be like that!

I got to see, and drive, Dylans new VUE! It is a beautiful black, tinted windows, gray interior....just beautiful. ALMOST as beautiful as my VUE, but not quite!! (wink and snicker!).

Monday, October 28, 2002

Dear Diary Monday....

Dammit Jeff! Stop getting me to do the EMODE tests!!! You know I have to do everything you do!!!

Anyways, I will be off a half a day on Wednesday(leaving at 10:00) to come home and start carving my pumpkins....YEAH!!!!

Today was a good day. I was into work a little before 6:00 am and I accomplished so much today, that I even astounded myself. However, now I am extremely exhausted and ready for bed! The good news is the half day on Wednesday, off the rest of the week, and most importantly...HALLOWEEN IN ON THURSDAY!!! Need I say more????

I am PHOEBE....

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Sunday, October 27, 2002

Oh, here is the all knowing astrology thought for the day....

Confront problems with deduction, Cancer. This week you could be in a quandary about an issue that seems nearly impossible to solve. Take your time and approach the question at hand from all sides. Figure out what the topic isn't about and continue your thought process by using deductive reasoning. Make Sherlock Holmes proud.

Dear Diary Sunday....

I have had a fabulous week and a fantastic weekend. What more could a girl ask for? I got to see my Jeffy and hang with him for awhile, had great dinners with fabulous company ( minus two people who were sorely missed), spent some quality time with the parents, did some whirlwind shopping, and today I am making French Onion Soup and cleaning. I have no complaints other than being upset with myself for getting so out of alignment and taking so long to get back to a positive, centered point in my life. Learned many great lessons this week and learned that I am a truly patient person. Also have taught myself that never, EVER again will allow such chaos to reign in my kingdom and those that try to create the chaos, will hurt in many, many ways. Word to the wise, if you are one of those folks who thinks that they will come into my world and lie and deceive with the good or bad intentions, you will be told to leave and never asked to return and I WILL HURT YOU. Not a threat, just found the good old fashioned mean me again!

Like you didn't already know this....

I am 57% evil.

I'm getting there. I haven't done all the damage I could do but I've done quite a bit. I'm just over the border into the Evil Zone.

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