Tuesday, July 17, 2001


Let me tell you about work today...

I get a call today about my friend Shane's grandmother having a heartattack last night. Okay, she is doing alright. BUT the issue is that on Friday his FATHER had a heart attack and his grandfather just had bypass surgery. SOOOO Shane is not doing well, and I think, understandably so. SOOOO I spend about 10 minutes calling around trying to locate him and then finally get him on the phone and talk to him for 15 minutes. Okay the issue is this.....I apparently have co-workers around me that are upset with the amount of time that I took on personal calls trying to help out. Remember, the total was 25 minutes. The one co-worker was on a personal call on Wednesday for 3.5 hours ( no exaggeration) arguing with her live in boyfriend and the other co-worker is ALWAYS ON PERSONAL CALLS. That too, is no exaggeration. About every 10th call of hers is a personal call that she is on, on average, for 20 minutes. So what is their fucking problem!!! I take more calls than anybody else on this group and the one day that I have an emergency, I suddenly become the bitch!!!!!!

Also, the "bitch" from last week...well she is now sticky-icky sweet every day and I have progressively become more nasty with her and BARELY acknowledge her existence. It now has become more of a game!!!

Oh well......

Monday, July 16, 2001

Oh Michelle...if you don't update that damn blog of yours!!!!!!!

I watched two movies this weekend and now I am going to share them with you! The first was "The Unbreakable" which I didn't find any surprise ending with it, but it was very entertaining, in a slow fashion. One that I would recommend for a Sunday afternoon. The other was "Dracula 2000" which I enjoyed immensly. The Dracula/Judas character was a hottie, which is always a plus to watching a movie, and the story was a different twist on the old "dracula" theme. I definatly recommend that one as well for a Sunday afternoon. Oh, and we also went and got Cheese Popcorn from the mall....that was a bonus to the weekend. Can you tell that my weekend was VERY uneventful! All I can say is that it was a great weekend because I got to relax with my honey-bunny....and it was nice just to do that and be with him.

Oh, and I cut my hair off.

As for Connie....should I be concerned that you are still getting red flecks in your bathtub water? I don't think that is stain, I think that your hair is still peeling from the Ronald McDonald Hair Dye of 100 years ago (Wink, Wink!). Please make sure that you give JJ my love and tell her how sorry I am about the car...I can completely empathize since I love cars so damn much! Tell her I will be sending some blessings her way...not sure if they have one for a new cool car, but I can try!!!!!!