Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Dear Diary Wednesday...


I woke up being more tired than when I went to sleep and I find that odd.

Last night I did two miles of fast walking on the track, came home and made me a small dinner because I was still full from lunch, caught up on my reading of magazines, colored my hair, took a bubble bath, went to bed. Not an exciting evening by any stretch of the imagination but it was nice doing all of that WHEN IT WAS STILL LIGHT OUTSIDE! Yeah, I actually crawled into bed when it was just a bit dark...I love that. And I am looking forward to the fact that I might be doing some work outside this weekend so I plan on soaking up all and any UV rays that I can helps me feel better.

Tonight I plan on the gym again and then I might just go to bed early if I am still this freakin' tired! I am not kidding, I am barely keeping my eyes open and am scrounging around in my desk trying to find some Vivarin. Something has got to help me!!!!

Weekend is looking good. I am taking Friday off so that I can do some MUCH NEEDED cleaning of the house. I plan on scrubbing everything, vacuuming everything, dusting everything....just getting it looking better than it has in awhile. Plus, I love the smell of a clean home. Then I am going to do a bunch of window shopping this weekend, hopefully get some reading done, do some yard work....just get back in touch with the part of me that likes cleanliness and order.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Dear Diary Tuesday...


WE HAVE HEAT! Yes, you read it here first....the furnace is fixed. After three long weeks, we have a state of the art furnace and the house is back to feeling normal. All is well in the household once again.

Last night I did 45 minutes of hard cardio at the gym...non-stop speed walking on the track...and managed to give myself a major charlie horse from the lower portion of my back all the way down both legs. BUT WHO CARES!!! I worked out and I feel fine this morning. In fact, I feel really good this morning since I only got about an hour worth of sleep last night because I tossed and turned all night thinking about the crap-ass day I had at work on Monday.

Yesterday at work I actually had a co-worker jump down my throat because SHE fucked up. I am not sure what she thought would come of attacking me but she not only got told where to shit in the woods I told her, "Do not EVER jump your ass down my throat because my ass will automatically jump down YOUR throat and my ass is MUCH LARGER THAN YOURS AND IT WILL HURT A HELLUVA LOT MORE!" To which she burst into tears and left my desk. Yes, I know, it was not very professional, but attacking me is also not a good idea. I guess it is that feline part of attack and corner me not only will I come out with claws and teeth but I won't stop until I see tears or blood, and sometimes not even then! Today should be much more fun....

Monday, April 04, 2005

Dear Diary Monday...


The weekend was good. We met up with the Poors on Friday and enjoyed "Sin City" together. I was astounded by how much this movie was like reading a graphic novel and I loved every moment of it! Dylan and I also had a chance to ask Jeremy and Michelle to be in our lines, which they agreed too and I could not be more happy.

Saturday I woke up just feeling tired and decided that I was not going to push myself and so I did NOTHING. I am not kidding. The most energy I put out was putting a DVD in the player and watching it. Dylan and I then went to El Rancho Grande for dinner and were pleasantly surprised with how good the food was. After that, we just called it an early evening and went home and relaxed in front of the tv.

Sunday I woke up with an abundance of energy so I started a roast marinating and then took the folks out shopping. After that I came home and took Helga for a walk, cleaned up the yard, did all the laundry, worked on my computer, read, and then ate dinner. It was wonderful until about 5:30 when a massive migraine hit me from out of nowhere and very, very suddenly. I was in bed and asleep by 6:30 because of the drugs I took. It was not the best way to end a day but at least it finally went away.

This week is going to be good and bad. I am back on my workout/eating healthy routine as I need some new summer clothes AND a wedding dress and have a goal as to what size I want to be in both of them. I plan on hitting the gym every night this week and I will only be eating out at work one day a week ( yes Toni, that means with you and probaby at your Gringos *wink* ). I am really looking forward to the workouts. The bad part is that I have a viewing and funeral to go to on Tuesday of a cousin of my Daddy's. I did not know the gentleman very well, but it has hit my Daddy very hard so I am going to be driving my parents to it and hopefully, I can get my Dad out of his depression.

Here is wishing everyone an AWESOME Monday!!!