Friday, June 02, 2006

Dear Diary Friday...

I am at work and have no motivation...and I actually feel bad about it! What a difference a change in employers can make!!

Anyways, I came in early because I had some paperwork that I needed to complete and we have one computer system that they always do back up on in the morning so it is never up, so it is a good time to do other things. Well, I got here at 5:30 and I am finished with EVERYTHING I can do until that system comes up. Oh well, thank goodness it is Friday.

Tonight Dylan and I are going birthday shopping, regular shopping, and getting dinner. It will be nice to finally have a Friday night with my husband, now that his shift has changed. Saturday is my Momma's birthday, so we are going to do birthday things with her....take her a birthday cake, take her her b-day gifts, etc. I am hoping that it will be a low key birthday for her since Tinkerbell has started to have his seizures a little more often when he gets excited. I know the time is getting closer, but he has not given me that look of "It's time" as of yet.

Sunday is kind of up in the air....not sure what I am doing other than mowing the lawn, pulling some weeds (both of those should take me no more than an hour) and maybe some laundry. I am hoping that I can just relax and watch some movies I have been dying to see....but who knows.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dear Diary Thursday....

Here at work, needing to work, lack of one system makes it impossible!

So, the weekend was good and I ended up getting new hair. I absolutely love it, it is a very slimming cut for me, and again, I love it. And it was at a place that I was absolutely terrified going because it is in the heart of the Kearns 'hood, but they were good!

I am the bad daughter and totally thought my Mom's birthday was Sunday...nope, it's Saturday. So I won't be able to hang with everyone on Saturday during the afternoon but hopefully will be able to see everyone that night checking out Toni's new veranda, flower beds, and stuff around the house. I get to spend most of the day with my Mom, and probably my insane sisters, which in my gut tells me it is going to be bad because she has been looking for a fight recently. AARGGHH!!