Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dear Diary Wednesday,

Today and tomorrow...that is it for my work week. I am excited about going on vacation with Dylan, but at the same time, very hesitant, as I have not had a good week. Let me share....

I got my haircut, and I love the cut. I also bleached it out blond....but it had a "buttery" tint to it which I did not like at all. Toni has been EXTREMELY supportive and has told me to just be patient, it looks good, and the buttery color will lessen....but I couldn't stand it. I went and got another color to put some blond INTO it and re-did it last night while talking with Tonster on the phone. She was reinforcment since my head was burning off! After getting it washed out, I am a bit more happy. The "buttery" color is gone and it is bright platinum blond...almost white. It will do for now.

Second bad Mom informed me yesterday that I need to get back to the gym because of how overweight I am. Yep, she used those words, and a few more entertaining ones like "my muscles are expanding" which kept Toni and I laughing all day. So, it is always wonderful when one of your parent's basically tells you that you are a fat-ass and need to do something about it. And I have even been really good the last two weeks but apparently I need to do better. So, hit the gym hard last night, only had cereal, burrito, and slim fast for food yesterday. Today, had cereal, will have salad for lunch, and a slim fast for dinner and will be hitting the gym hard again. And as soon as I get back from Vegas, I plan on joining Weight Watchers again and attending it religiously. I know that I have OCD when it comes to weight, as I am extremely obsessed with my own and comments like that do not help, because it has thrown me into an obsession again....but maybe it is the motivation I need to get back to being healthy. And killing myself at the gym yesterday did feel really good.

And today I woke up at 3:00 am and could not get back to sleep for anything. I am already drinking a Diet Coke (0 calories, 0 fat) and hoping to get some much needed energy. With tomorrow being my last day, I have sooo much I need to get done today and tomorrow so I don't leave my co-workers with a lot of work. Oh and speaking of co-workers, that was another bad thing yesterday. I was nominated for a Best Shot award at work by my manager....and I felt like shit over it. My good friend, Tim, works on a really difficult account. He has literally put blood, sweat, tears, and many, many cuss words into making this account work. He went on vacation last week, all of managment was invovled in this account, all I did was e-mail the client contact for two enrollments, got them added, and then let the client contact know that all the funds were posted....THAT IS IT....and I am the talk of all managment and get nominated for an award!!! Needless to say, when I get the award I will be sharing it with Tim AND I nominated Tim for a Best Shot because of anybody in this department that deserves recognition, it was him.

One good thing to look forward to, I am going to the Fair again this Saturday and I am really looking forward to all of my positive-energy friends to amuse the hell out of me! I am sure somewhere along the way, Toni will sic a goat on me or something.....

Monday, September 11, 2006

Dear Diary Monday...

Weekend was not exactly how I planned....

So, Friday started out with Dylan and I getting into a very bad accident. We were not paying attention to the road, during rush hour traffic, the GMC Jimmy in front of us hit their brakes, we did too, but not in time. Yes, we rear ended another car. Everyone was okay, I think I ended up the worst because I did the typical "Lorene in scared status" and started sinking down to the floor before we hit. So, I have a big knee from ramming it into the glove compartment, a big bruise under my chin and a HUGE bruise on my chest and a bit of whiplash. Everyone else was okay. We pretty much thought we had totaled the Vue but the tow truck driver said he highly doubted we did since Saturns always look worse than they really are because they are made out of plastic. SOOOOO, keep your fingers crossed for us. Toni and Rob came to our rescue and picked us up, we had dinner, and then took us to get a rental car. Thank you both again!!!

Saturday we took my folks to the Fair. Needless to say, we were disappointed. The whole area that use to have Polynesian food and other stuff they totally took down and so Dylan couldn't get his Otai or Polynesian food!! We still had a great time and did a lot of things and didn't end up getting home until 5:00 pm and, most importantly, my folks had a really good time.

Sunday, I spent the day with my Mom taking her shopping and all around. Then I could feel the headache coming on. It ended up being one of the worst migraines I have ever had and I still have a touch of it today. Not sure what caused it but it was not fun!!!

Oh and a very HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO CONNIE! May this year hold more love, better health, and many happy surprises! May the Goddess bless you and your family with happiness and wealth!!!