Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Dear Diary Wednesday....

The PMS is still with me, but now I am just sad and very tired.

Did I mention that I decided NOT to have a busy week and I have dealt with all of my appointments that I had this week very, very quickly? Yeah, I just decided that I was overwhelming myself and didn't want to have that much on my plate this week so I have taken care of everything other than my cleaning. I am still looking forward to going out shopping with Shane tonight and having dinner with Toni and Rob on Friday and the rest of my week and weekend I am going to try and relax and NOT make any plans. We will see what happens.

Well, we have the itinerary for my folks trip to Hawaii in October and I can't say enough how happy I am that they are getting this type of opportunity. My Mom has never been on a plane so I am excited that her first trip is going to be flying from Salt Lake to Seattle for a few days and then from Seattle to Hawaii!!! And I am more excited that this vacation is going to be for almost a month. I plan on doing some things around their house for them so that when they get back they can just spend the rest of the time taking care of my house and relaxing. At least, that is what I am HOPING they can do.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Dear Diary Tuesday...

I woke up in SUCH a bad mood and I know it is PMS!! AAAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!! Plus, I went to bed really early last night because I am just completely exhausted. I am mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausted. Tired....just good old tired. And so, I am going to vent about a few things that totally piss me off:

1. If you are a cat or a dog and you insist on walking under my feet OR walk in front of me and then stop, I probably will kick you either on purpose or on accident today. When I tell you to move 10 times, MOVE.

2. I have addressed this in the past, but apparently it is worth repeating....I AM NOT THE EPICENTER FOR THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE OR EVEN FOR MY FRIENDS. I do not make decisions for everyone else, I do not control their thought patterns, I don't make anyone do anything! If somebody has people over for dinner, I don't control who they invite. And Holy Shit! There are many things that I DO NOT GET INVITED TOO with other friends!

3. If you can not give me the respect in our friendship to be open and honest and to SHARE yourself with me (*gasp* and again HOLY SHIT...there is sharing in a friendship for Christ Sakes!) then don't expect it back!!

Okay, I am going to stop there for now since my blood is just about ready to boil out of my ears......

Gawd, I need to go to the gym tonight and get rid of this anger.....

Monday, August 29, 2005

Dear Diary Monday...

Oh, what a weekend!!!

Friday Dylan and I spent the day doing some shopping and then headed home, as I was getting a headache AND had not slept well. After getting a nap, we headed over to the Netzlers to follow everyone up to a park in Park City for the batchelor/batchelorette party hosted by Toni and Rob. It was great fun OTHER than the hellacious traffic due to road construction on the way up there. However, all of the pain and frustration was more than worth it to spend the evening with everyone having a great time AND great food. PLUS, Chet and Shane got a new car and it is just beautiful!

Saturday was my Bridal Shower, once again hosted by Toni. It was very low-key and very fun.....just the way I hoped it would be. Once again, it was a good time and we kept it very short, as Toni had an insanely busy Saturday. After that, my Mom and I headed off to find her outfit for the wedding (and we did and she looks BEAUTIFUL) and then Dylan and I grabbed sandwiches and just relaxed the rest of the night.

Sunday I spent the day just being busy all damn day. I mowed my lawn, my parent's lawn, and the neighbors lawn. I did the laundry, made dinner in the crock pot, cleaned my parent's bedroom (had been driving my mom insane in certain spots she could not reach), and went to Home Depot with my Daddy so I could do all the heavy lifting. Then in the afternoon, I managed to pick my whole plum tree, as my parent's wanted to make plum jam. It was unbelievably busy, but "good busy" and I got alot accomplished.

Believe it or not, this week is going to be just as insane. Every single night I have something going on but Toni and Rob are keeping my sanity going by having us over for dinner on Friday night.....good friends and good food again so it gives me something to live for........