Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dear Diary Thursday....

Oh gawd, some times my own aggressive stupidity annoys the shit out of me!

Yesterday, we had a mandatory company meeting up on the 23rd floor. A friend of mine and myself decided we did not want to wait in the endless stream of people for an elevator to get back to our floor, so we took the stairs. All 23 floors of them. AND OH GOD DO I HURT TODAY! Lesson learned.

Today I am only working for as long as I have too and then I am heading home....well, after I get my nails done. I can't wait.....I am gonna spend today getting some yardwork done and some housework, and then the rest of the time is going to be spent celebrating Dylan's birthday....WOO HOO!

And my bad....I apologize for Shane for not turning on my cell phone in fear of my "stalker" so HAPPY BELATED CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Oh Good Gawd! How pathetic is this.....and when I say "pathetic", I am completely talking about myself. SOOOOOO, I thought I would see about taking tomorrow off since I already have Friday off....and was approved. But now I can't take tomorrow COMPLETELY off. Why? Because of two is that I have a very special client that I take very special care of who is sending in a file, one day later than normal (tomorrow) and I want to make sure it is taken care of to the best of my ability. And secondly, because I have a nail appointment tomorrow and the gal is not in TODAY for me to reschedule so I have to come in tomorrow to make my nail appointment! SOOOOO, I am just gonna leave work early tomorrow....if I get everything done that I need to do with my client. GOOD GAWD....when did I become so freakin' responsible?!

Speaking of work, it has just been non-stop slammin busy. I got two new carriers (not groups, but entire carriers) on top of the jumbo clients I already have and so it is taking me, on average, three hours every morning just to get caught up enough to be ready to start the day....and then it goes downhill from there! I can't imagine what it will be like when I am out of the office on Friday (missing a WHOLE DAY) and come in on Monday....I'm thinking it will take me at least two or three days to get totally caught up....but I don't care! I need some time away from this place, my job, and I need to hang out with my husband....hopefully to celebrate him getting an new position!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dear Diary Tuesday....

Dylan's birthday was not exactly how I imagined it would be....

I took my Daddy to his doctor's appointment....and got home 5 hours later! No kidding. We waited for over an hour for his appointment, then my Daddy was in the office for 2.5 hours and then we had to go get his prescription was just a freakin' nightmare! Good news is, though, my Dad has a VERY strong heart and if you have a very strong heart, you will have a very natural slower heart beat than most people. No need for concern....which gave me a chance to sigh with some relief finally. It is nice to finally have some good news where it concerns my Daddy.

After I finally got home, I got to wish my hubby a Happy Birthday, and then we practiced interview questions and he did REALLY well. He was such a sweetheart, that he even made dinner....ON HIS OWN BIRTHDAY...since I was so late getting home. I finally managed to then fall into bed, exhausted, and fell right to sleep.

Today is going to be almost as insane. I have a vet appointment at 4:00 and then we are meeting Dylan's folks for dinner at is going to be run, run, run until dinner time. And I am not even sure where we are meeting for dinner!!!!

Gawd, I am looking forward to the weekend!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Dear Diary Monday....


The weekend was YARD WORK WEEKEND!

Friday I got off of work and Dylan and I headed out to dinner and then up to his Mom's new salon to meet everyone and get a tour of the facility. There was a really pretty girl getting her hair turned blond and she had....are you ready for this...a baby sugarglider with her!! I got to hold it and pet it and kiss it and coo at it....and I really, really want one, but there ain't a chance in HELL I will get one. They are too small, too adorable, too perfect for a kitty appetizer, and are too high maintenance. But it was cute! I loved the new facility his Mom is in and she has some really fun girls working with her.

Saturday we got up and went to Weight Watchers, grabbed some breakfast, and then headed over to my folks house for "Yard Clean-Up Extravaganza"! We got trees pulled out and thrown away, the mound of earth that was left over from the pipe being replaced hauled off and flowers planted in our yard! It was a lot of work, but well worth it.

Sunday was, of course, Mom's Day and I went over first thing in the morning to wish my Mom a Happy Mom's Day and then I headed home to finish planting flowers, clean out the garage, and do some things around our house and made dinner. However, Dylan was spending Mom's Day with his Mom taking her to dinner, so he will just have to eat it today!

This week is just basically a "countdown" to the birthday weekend for Dylan. Since his b-day is today and we are both working, we have decided to celebrate his birthday with me taking off Friday and him taking off Saturday and us having a three day weekend together of shopping, eating, and enjoying time together. Not sure what he wants for his birthday, but since it is his birthday....he can have whatever he wants!