Saturday, June 21, 2003

Dear Diary Saturday...

Had a wonderful time hanging with the Netzlers and Dylan yesterday. We started the day off by seeing "The Hulk", which was a huge disappointment and wwwwaaaaaayyyyyyyy too long!! We then went to Johnny Carino's and had lunch. The food was very unimpressive, but you can't do better than being served by Vinny Barbarino!!!! We then parted company with the Netzlers and Dylan and I headed back to my house to get som Excederin Migraine, where we were pleasantly surprised to see my older brother Kevin hanging out. Unfortunately, he had come to express his bad news of having been laid off by the company he has worked for for over 30 years. Well, not exactly laid off. He can either move to Minnesota or be laid there is a real option there!! We then left and went and looked at a few more houses until the weather got to be so bad we headed for the video store and back to his house. I had chosen two of the worst movies possible, so we called it an earlier evening than most...I was home by 11:00. All in all, it was great to spend time with great friends and time with Dylan....I could not ask for more.

Confession: I did EXACTLY the same thing that I hate in other people.....I made my importance in somebody elses' life to be much more than it was and I am a HUGE idiot for it. I had created a friendship in my mind with a very special person, and the friendship never existed in the first place. I had made much more out of a relationshp than ever existed, and in my heart, I had known it all along. Why I choose to put myself into such a place, a place that I knew I was going to end up hurt more than I thought, I will never know. But it was a good learning experience, a experience I would never regret. I still adore this person, could never conceive or hating or disliking this person, but am saddened by my own stupidity. The hurt I have encountered was by my own doing, not by anyone elses. I feel like a schmuck for putting this other individual into an awkward situation, a situation where they were uncomfortable around me and by me....and I apologize for that and hope I will be forgiven some day by them. I guess that is why it is a pet peeve....something I view in others that I hate in myself.

On a bright note, it is a day of rest for me today. The parents are off for the entire day to my father's high school reunion and I will be home alone. I plan on doing some laundry, minor housework, a little weeding, a whole bunch of napping. Could not ask for a better day OR better weather!!!

I will drown while bobbing for apples!

How will you die? Take the Exotic Cause of Death Test

God, accurate, isn't it!!! Gave me the chills.....

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Dear Diary Thursday....

Not a good day. I went to bed last night with a horrible migraine and woke up with it, just much worse. I made it in to work, full expecting to leave at my scheduled 9:00 am and did not get out of there until 2:15 pm. Not what I hoped, but I toughed it out and accomplished alot and now I will not be riddled with guilt when I have tomorrow off.

Mom had her doctor's appointment today and apparently the only thing the doctor could come up with is that she possibly could be allergic to her plate. Unfortunately, since the body changes all the time, you can become allergic to anything at anytime and he suspects that is the case with her "bumps" on the tongue. He also took blood work to find out why she is so cold all of the time. Could be because she is a bag of only bones, but hell, what do I know!!!

Tomorrow is looking to be a fun day. I am meeting the Netzlers to see "The Hulk" which Toni and I are DYING to see (what the fuck ever!) but it will be fun to hang with them and Dylan. After that, not sure exactly what the direction of the day will be leading to. Not that it matters as I will have a good time no matter what happens.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Well, finally, mom has an appointment with a doctor tomorrow to have her tongue looked at. It now has bumps on the back of it...not discolored ones but they are irritating nonetheless.

Work has been the same.....nothing has changed. Thankfully, I am keep my attitude going, which has helped alot.

It is shaping to up to be another busy month and summer for me. It is getting to be almost impossible for me to find time for just myself. I am hoping to get, maybe, one day this weekend...I hope, I hope, I hope......

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Dear Diary Sunday...

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Please remember to give your dad and grandpa's a big hug and kiss!!

Yesterday was a good day. I got my car serviced and received a whole bunch ofcar care stuff. I have a $100 gift card from referring Dylan so I bought me a window shade for my Vue and a whole bunch of car cleaning stuff! Yes, I am a car buff, so it was exciting only for me! Then I went and got my dad a 16 inch chainsaw....which he got very excited over! Then I did some grocery shopping for the bbq I am doing for him today, bought another 5 flats of flowers, and came home for a nap. I then got ready all over again and went with Dylan. We went to Thaifood for dinner and then to a wedding reception for a co-worker, and back to his house to watch "They", which is one of the worst horror movies I have seen this year and now proudly own. Today will be a day of doing some catch up laundry, doing a bbq for my dad, some minor housework, and trying to coax the stupid cat from under the shed.....again!! I swear, she is the MOST stubborn cat I have ever owned!!!!!

Things that irritate me: trying to prove you are a very sexual person by TELLING me that you were told that you "drip with sexuality" or sharing your latest disgusting sexual escapade with me. I am fairly astute and knowing when an indivdiual is a sexy beast.....their demeanor, their style, their class gives that all away to me, regardless of their sex. But when you feel you need to publicly announce it, well, that kind of takes away from the mystery and puts you right into the ranks of "HELL FUCKING NO!" in regards to being sexy.

Another irritating thing, people who are "moving on with their lives", yet still seem to check out the blogs. Keep moving please. Unless they are doing it for no other reason that PURE entertainment and because it is a semi-public domain, then enjoy.....moving on with their lives.

Another, people who need WAY too much attention. I am not talking about just the drama, but the whole demeanor. I swear, you can just see the wheels working in some individuals heads and hear the small voice saying, "Look what I can do!". If you are needing that much attention, go join a fucking circus or kill yourself. Either way, you will get the attention you are craving.