Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday....

I hope that everyone had a fanastic Christmas and was blessed with some peace and love.

Wow, that holiday came and went pretty quickly for me. We had "Christmas" with Dylan's folks and Aunt on Saturday and they spoiled us. It was nice to go to dinner, and then back to their house to completely relax. Sunday we went and saw "Sweeney Todd" and Dylan and I loved it! It was more than I was hoping for. We then did a bit of shopping, got some movies, and headed home. Monday, we got up and did a bit of cleaning, watched a couple of movies, then ate dinner, and headed out to shovel snow. It was a pretty relaxing day. Yesterday, the day of Christmas, we had breakfast with my folks, opened all the gifts with my family, had lunch with my folks, and then headed home to relax and watch our last movie. Unfortunately, due to my own stupidity and eating like a pig for four days (candy, fudge, crap, some more fudge....) I was not feeling very well. Oh, and I forgot to add that I have not been sleeping in about 5 days, so I was pretty exhausted and in a grumpy mood. I finally just took two sleeping pills and chased them down with two Benadryls and knocked myself out.

I know that this sounds sick, but I am actually really happy to be back at work. I needed to get back into my routine and needed to be out of my house, and away from family, for a few days. Don't get my wrong....I love, love, LOVE my family, but there comes a time when you just get too much of a good thing!