Friday, October 19, 2001


Okay, let me just say that Toni is in a deep pile of bad witchy shit!!!! She has "outed" me to a co-workers who is all AGAINST HALLOWEEN! Now, the co-worker is going to hell anyways for being against Halloween, but that is not the issue!!!!! The only good that would come out of this is if I would be able to scare her so much by being a witch that she would either 1) quit, or 2) stay away from Toni! But she seems to be completely interested in me now that I am a witch! So Toni, frog warts for you!!!!

Work was actually fun today. I planned a food day for customer service and it turned out wonderfully. Then I have talked my boss into a "dress down Tuesday" because we are having potential investors come in on Wednesday and they want us to clean. Then I got to do another "project" today which turned out that I accidentally ratted out a co-worker who did not do her job, so it is making me look good...that will come to bite me in the ass if I milk it, which I WON'T!

Going to dinner tonight with my sister and her roommate! The roommate has been clean now for 6 years so we are going out to celebrate! I was thinking about getting drunk at dinner, but my sister said it wouldn't be appropriate, so I think I am gonna do it anyways.

Oh, only 11 more days to Halloween!

What am I gonna do with my Skattie....that poor boy is more sick than any other human being on this planet. I think I am putting together a care package for him filled with Taco Bell Burritos, hot sauce, some Nyquil, echinecia and golden seal, a new warm blankie, lavendar, and some green tea. That should make anybody feel better. Oh, and some beer....good beer, not icky Budweiser or some shit like that.

And my Jeffy........where is my Jeffy?????

Thursday, October 18, 2001

What a day....

Well the bleeding started...thought I should warn all of you.

Got to work today and got a "project"....this is a project where I get to write stuff down that I do every day, other than take 80 calls, to prove how busy we are. Now, won't this prove "their" point that I have too much time because I can do this "project"? Just wondering.....

I have a headache. Started right around Monday morning and is still going strong. Usually starts right before I get to work and goes away sometime in my sleep, only to start the next day. Don't think it would take Freud to figure that one out.

I managed to arrange a huge day of eating tomorrow at work...all in the name of a birthday and being healthy. Our theme is "sandwiches"...yummy. I believe sandwiches should be a food group by themselves. I love sandwiches!

I think tonight I will be going to the store, not only to purchase for my sandwiches, but I think to buy some more pumpkins. Don't have enough pumpkins.......

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Oh my hell!

Have you ever taken something orally that just puts you in a foul mood? Well, I think I have discovered a pill that does that....XENADRINE! I strongly advise not taking it. It helps give me a HUGE BOOST of energy, but my GAWD! I think I could kill a whole pack of people, even the ones that I like, and not care! I am not even joking! Oh hell I hope this wears off soon! I know, I know Toni, you are going to say it is PMS, but this is a helluva lot worse!!!!

Okay, one day closer to Halloween! I can't wait to watch a whole bunch of scary movies and eat pizza on Saturday....oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!! AND I think I am hanging with the folks during Saturday day and taking them to Gardener Historic Village. If you have yet to go....GO! They have it decorated it in all "Witchy" kinda stuff and it is so adorable!!!!!!!!! My father has never been, so I think he will really enjoy it, and my mother, well, she enjoys anything that she can do with her favorite daughter!

Oh, say happy birthday to my axe murdering brother. He turns the big 4 5 today!!! WOOOHHOOOO! Almost 50 and still acting like he is 10. Can you say "Peter Pan Syndrome"?

Anyways, what is everybody else doing this weekend?????

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Oh my, oh my, oh my.....

Only 14 more days until Halloween!! My yard is now all decorated (thanks to my DADDY!), the house is all decorated, have purchased many, many new scary movies, new decorations, got my Halloween costume, now just awaiting the BIG DAY. Oh, and I can't wait for Halloween party!!!!!! A few of us are meeting with the "Hostess" to organize a few more things and to see what we can add, so that should be eventful. An evening of Michelle and Jeremy making stinging comments back and forth in their endearing, loving manner. I may even talk Michelle into letting me go and get a Ouija board so that I can scare her!! This should be a wonderful Halloween this year even thought I have had a MAJOR bitch of a time getting into the spirit.

Work, work, work. What more can I say? "Grunter" has decided that she can be off the phones in the afternoon and take NO calls. I have been put in charge of "keeping everybody up to task" and so I have been going around and seeing what I can help with on people's desks and, needless to say, have been horrified by the amount of SHIT that they have! My acting supervisor....well, that is a story unto itself.

Home? Well, the parents are back on speaking terms...thank the gods! But, I am constantly surprised by the assholish behavior of my siblings. My one sister has decided to invite my mother and I to a baby shower for her daughter in law. The kicker is that I have never met my sister's step son, nor the new daughter in law. The other kicker is the only reason she invited us is because everybody else RSVP'd back with a huge NO!!! God, why wasn't I an only child????