Friday, January 30, 2004

Dear Diary Friday....

Yes, it is Friday evening and I am at my computer...Shut up! Anyways, lets catch up...

Yesterday was a good day at work. I accomplished almost everything I set out to do, including the two major projects. I kept a very positive energy going and just had a really great day. I then left and went and got a trim to my hair and headed home to relax. Did not do the gym yesterday, as it was a "down day" for me and I enjoyed. I came home and relaxed, took a bath, read, and talked to Dylan on the phone.

Today was a great day also, because I left at 1:00 to go to my "poke and tickle" appointment with a new Gynecologist that Toni has introduced me to. I love this woman as she is very positive, excited for me about joining Weight Watchers, and was just very knowledgeable and could have a good time and laugh with you when she was twirling my ovaries in her hands! Work was great, had a lot of laughs, and actually enjoyed it. I then went to the gym and had a fantastic work out (two miles on the track, 200 ab crunches) and then ran to Subway to get myself and my folks low calorie, low fat sandwiches that we wonderful.

One thing I have discovered with this change in lifestyle is that I LOVE the taste of food. Before, I don't think I ever really "tasted" what I was eating because I devoured everything so quickly. Now I am savoring the taste of everything, loving it. I can tell I have lost a few more pounds because now I am actually SEEING it and FEELING it. I am loving every moment of this lifestyle change.

Tomorrow I am taking Boogie to the vet for his shots and then Dylan and I are spending the day together, just being together. Nothing very specific is planned, but at this point, we really don't care. We are just missing having some time together.

Oh, and I am doing laundry right now! How exciting for me!!

Positive thought for the day: Energy runs in many directions. What you put out will come back to you. When love is given freely, love is returned freely. When respect is given, it is returned. Learn to do the same with forgiveness.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Dear Diary Thursday...

Yesterday was a better day, not because work was easier, but because I worked on my attitude. I took my own advice and realized that since things will not change at work that I need to quit spending so much of my energy being angry over it. The people that need to be disciplined will never be. The people that deserve praise, will never receive it. Those that do the most work will always have more piled on them and those that don't work will be allowed to continue down that path. Since I am not in a position to change it, I changed myself. I know I am a fantastic employee and go above and beyond my job each and every day. I am happy with that and that is all that truly matters.

After work, I headed for the gym and one of my goals this week was to increase the intensity of my work out, which happened. I did two miles on the track and did 200 stomach crunches and then an additional 50 on the weight machine with 10 pounds of weight. It was wonderful and I left feeling exhilarated. I then headed to the salon and got my nails done and headed home to talk to Dylan on the phone. I believe that I might be bordering on annoyance with him because I have so much energy now. Yes, all dreams are coming true again, I am turning back into that cheerful "bouf" that I was in high school. But with a much healthier body.

Today at work is going to be a productive one. My attitude is back on track and I plan on hitting two major projects today and getting them as close to caught up as possible. I know with my energy and attitude, I can accomplish it.

Positive thought for the day: When you take the power back from the negative side of life, make sure to turn it into something positive and give it to another.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Dear Diary Tuesday....

It has been an emotional rollercoaster at work. We lost another customer service rep yesterday, she left by her choice. Today, we are losing an adjustor. The impact of both leaving is going to be very hard for the next 8-10 weeks while they replace them....the workload that is rolling our way is overwhelming...and the "higher ups" could care less. After I basically was made to feel that us taking on MORE responsibility was just a "tough shit" situation, I clammed up and sat at my desk and did my job, which tends to make everyone extremely uncomfortable. I should be better tomorrow.

I went to my next weight in and meeting at Weight Watchers tonight, and unbelievably, I lost some more weight. The meeting was a lot of fun, as I am now able to participate in the meetings as I am a regular. Our goal this week is to set a very definite goal, not a general or vague goal. Visual is to make it happen. No gym tonight as I came home rather late and am taking tonight off. One goal is to work out for 60 minutes plus AT LEAST 3 times a week, and so far it has not been hard doing that.

Tomorrow should be a better more day closer to the weekend.

OH! And Tinkerbell is doing fantastic!

Positive Thought for the day: You can't change others, but you can change your perspective on the situation. If another person is treating you unfairly, allow it to pass as the other person might just be having a bad moment.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Dear Diary Sunday...

Yesterday was a good day. Dylan and I went window shopping to a few places and then went over to Jeremy and Michelle's for Jeremy's 33rd birthday. For his birthday, Michelle took him to get a beautiful tattoo on his calf of a pure black dragon. He was still in quite a lot of pain, so Rob, myself, and Brian took turns tormenting him by slapping him on the calf. We spent the evening in wonderful company, with wonderful food, and vast amounts of different entertainment, including watching Brian pass out....which was an incredible relief to all of us.

Today was a total relaxing day....I did not even bother to clean. I spent the day on the couch, flipping stations. I did ATTEMPT to make potato corn chowder but something evil happened and the chowder part broke apart and became clumpy. It was absolutely horrible and I ended up throwing it away. I then took a bubble bath, did some sit ups, and am now doing some much needed laundry. I have also got myself ready for this week at work, with having picked out my wardrobe and making sure my lunches are ready. I plan on catching a few hours of reading time tonight, as I an engrossed in the autobiography of Sting. I started reading it yesterday when I was at Saturn and am only a short bit into it but his writing style, like his music, has already brought tears to my eyes several times.

Yesterday was a true test of my ability to stay on my life style...and I did not pass. I gave into having corn chips at Jeremy's with the wonderful queso that Chet and Shane brought over. I did not make a pig of myself, but it was absolutely wonderful. I added up my points after yesterday and I was over by 6. Oh well, it was a great day to let my hair down and enjoy it with everyone. And the best part, I got to watch others get drunk and make asses out themselves instead of it being ME!

Positive thought for the day: Let your energy and your positive energy flow to that individual that needs it the most. Share what you have learned and give them the helping hand that they need.