Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dear Diary Tuesday...

Yesterday was not productive after work. I got wiped out at work with having a few people off, including my back up, so I got home and just took my Mom to the store, ate dinner with Dylan, took a long hot bubble bath, and watched a bit of tv and read. Tonight, however, is going to be another story. I plan on getting the lawn mowed, some laundry done, my rooms straightened up.....AND if I have time, vacuumn the house. If not, then vacuumning tomorrow. I just need a little bit of "order" right now in my life and I will be fine.

The "job hunt" is going REALLY well for my bro since we had the "coming to jebus" screaming match last week....that I won! He has two more interviews today and is visiting Job Service again to register for unemployment again. I faxed over his resume' to 8 different companies and applied for him on line to two others.....that does not include ALL of the resume' faxing and online applications I filled out for him yesterday. He has one job that he has applied for that he really, really, REALLY wants but won't hear anything on until tomorrow. The reason he wants this job so bad? Because the guy that interview him, who would be his supervisor, is an EX FIGHTER PILOT! Yep, my bro thinks he is a real "stand up guy" and was impressed by this older gentleman. Hey, I just hope he gets it because it would be a really cool job that my bro would learn a lot of new things at. Oh, and maybe earn some MONEY....that would be nice.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Dear Diary Monday...

The weekend was LAZY! I am not exaggerating at all. I spent all day Saturday and all day Sunday lying around, not doing a damn thing. I think my psyche and my body just decided to go ahead and crash, and I was willing. The most I did, other than eating, was just walking over to visit my folks. I didn't do any housework, I didn't run any errands, I did NOTHING. I really needed it.

This week is going to make up for it. I have some yardwork that needs to be handled, I have some housework that needs to be desperatly done, and my laundry is out of control again. I am gonna do a little bit each night just so I can get it all completed before the weekend, because I have no desire to do it on the weekend, AND I would really like to do something fun this weekend. Don't get me wrong....being a human snail this last weekend was enjoyable, but I don't think I can do it two weekends in a row.