Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Yesterday was just a horrible day all the way around. I actually got into a very heated argument with my Mom over when it is time to let Tinkerbell go. Tink has congestive heart failure and has been on medication now for several months...his time is soon. He is having seizures almost every day, his breathing is becoming more and more labored, he has no energy, it is close. After the argument, I worried about it for a few hours and finally called her back and apologized for being the bad daughter and a huge bitch. She and I are fine now. I stopped by the house on the way home, to check Tink out to see how he is doing....and I was sad. My little buddy is struggling now, a difference a day makes, however yesterday was the first day he did not have a seizure. I think it is because he was just too tired to muster up the energy to do it. I do not like this part of being a pet friend but I have done everything else I can to help him. Now I need to find the courage to help out again, in a way that I despise. Time to build up the courage.....

Monday, October 09, 2006

Dear Diary Monday...

Friday night was a great deal of fun! We went to the Rocky Point Haunted House and just had a bunch of fun screaming and running and screaming some more. Then we went to a new restaraunt for dinner with the same group and stayed until they almost asked us to leave...or so it seemed. The food was great, the company was spectacular, it was just a lot of fun and MUCH needed.

Saturday Dylan and I went on a MAJOR grocery shopping quest, as we have not really done grocery shopping in a few weeks. We hit Petsmart, Costco, and Wal-Mart. We then went home and ended up taking our Duffy to the vet as he has a UTI....poor kitty! I then crashed and Dylan went to work.

Sunday I did laundry, decorated the house and yard for Halloween, cleaned the Hamster's house, and then went to my folks house to do some yard work and decorate. I made it back home and did a BUNCH of much needed yard work around our place, made dinner, and relaxed with Dylan for a bit. Unfortunately I was not able to sleep as well as I wanted as I have been having some leg and foot issues lately.

My sister brought over her TENS unit yesterday so I could try it out on my Daddy to see if it would relieve some of his pain AND retrain his muscles to relax....and so far it is working splendid! He is doing really well with it and after two treatments was able to move his head around without ANY pain....first time in 10 months! We are going to be doing this once, if not twice, a day until he is out of pain. Keeping my fingers crossed that this will work!

This week is going to be a really good one! Tonight I am going to the gym and then taking my Mom to do some grocery shopping. The rest of the week I am just going to try to keep up on laundry and the gym and maybe do a bit more yardwork each night. Friday I am taking off of work to spend some time with Dylan. Saturday we are taking my folks to breakfast and then to get their flu shots. Sunday....I am keeping my fingers crossed....I might be able to RELAX and do nothing. Oh, and Tuesday is the big UFC fight that Dylan and I have been waiting for so we are going to get take-out and watch that!