Friday, June 01, 2001

Now I am sad. It looks to be that nobody has decided to continue their "blogging" since Scottie decided to stop. I am in complete agreement with the Scott about finding more useful ways to spend your time, other than staying on the internet, and thankfully, I don't have that much time on my hands to spend it on the internet all day. I am also happy that he will be trying to contact his friends in a more "one on one" way. However, his rantings were so fascinating/startling that I found the time each day to read his private thoughts. Oh Scott, I am starting to miss you more and more. Yet, I am wandering off from the point I was trying to make. Since nobody seems interested in keeping up their blogs on a daily basis, and this would include me, I will doubtfully be making many attempts and coming back to this. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted, wasn't it?

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

Spent most of my time home from work figuring out what the hell to wear to the graduation tomorrow. Oh hell!!

Anyways to more important problems, looks like the worst of the accident maybe over, in regards to the physical aspects, now time to heal. Rob's mom's surgery went well, we just need to wait and see at this point. Rob is now having to let his boo-boo have air and I am hoping that he is a smart boy and doesn't go and play football until hsi is healed AND they have the results back on his heart. As for the piece of shit that hit him, I hope that every moment that he intakes oxygen into his lungs, he hurts emotionally and spiritually, and then eventuall physically, for the damage that he has inflicted and REFUSES to take responsibility for. It is one thing to be in an accident and to step up and say, "Hey! I fucked up! I'm sorry! Let me take responsibility and do what I can to make this situation right." It is another stack of pancakes to start making up stories to get yourself out the situation, to lay blame on others. People like that slide through their pathetic life weasling their way out of every situation they have put themselves in, and it makes me sick, and it makes me want to seek retribution. Maybe this is the point that same people get to when they finally "snap" and take matters into their own hands. hmmmm..............

Bad aunt....

I feel so damn old!! My niece is graduating tomorrow from high school!!! The gal that I helped raise is graduating!!! God, it isn't that long ago that I was threatening her with death for throwing her baby food! Oh my laws!!!

Rant, rant, rant, rant, rant....

I am going to continue on with a rant that my honey-bunny started in regards to criminals. My hatred is now towards those people that drive around in their vehicles with NO INSURANCE! I consider these to be a huge menace to society because when they are involved in an auto accident, they walk away with little, to no responsibility. I believe that people with no auto insurance who are involved in the accident should have a mandatory 10 year jail sentence in a hard labor prison...somewhere that is hot and dirty...maybe Texas...where they work outside all day doing hard work like breaking rocks!

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

let's just say that this was one of the worst weekends of my life...but one that has made me appreciate my true friendships all the more. With the wreck that Rob had to go through, and the life changing events that his mother and family will be enduring, it makes you truly appreciate those that are around you and part of you. My thoughts and all my prayers will be with Rob, Toni, and their families in this time that they need it most. I hope all of you will join also.

As for Rob's mother's went well. We will learn more this week as her body comes around more. I hope it is a good sign that she can feel it when you touch her leg. Hopefully with this surgery, she will be able to move them.

Scotty, what will I do without your blogs!!!!! You make me laugh and cry all day long! I will miss them, but I am very proud of you for taking the time you spend doing your blogs and putting them to scholastic endeavors!!!