Friday, March 05, 2004

Dear Diary Friday...

I came in the morning to find that I was going to have a great deal of company in here with me. Quite a few folks decided to come in early and get caught up on stuff, and they seem to think that since I am sitting quietly at my desk, like I do in the morning, trying to get a bunch of stuff done, that it would be the perfect time to discuss things with me that I really could give a rats ass about at 6:00 am....Like the Starsky and Hutch movie. Okay, I think the movie looks funny, but I don't come in an hour and half early to discuss it....Especially since it is very common knowledge that in the morning, I don't want to discuss ANYTHING. I think that my "uh huh's" and "mmmmm" finally gave them a clue that I was busy.

The work outs this week have been great. I intensified my crunches and my track work yesterday...Increased the crunches by another 50 and now I am trying to integrate some running into my track work. I believe it paid off because today I am a bit more sore than usual. Call it sick, call it strange, but I love the "ache" that I get after a really good, and very effective work out. I think it is official, I am addicted to working out now. Oh, and I must now be an "official" gym player, because the "regulars" are now regularly smiling at me, making small chat, waving to me. I love my gym!

Oh, and here is another fun thing going on at work. We have one team member that is the type of individual who falls down a lot and then sues or gets disability. Well, she fell in the parking lot on Monday, had to go to Work Med, stayed out the rest of the day, was released to come into work on Tuesday, which she did. THEN she has been out the remainder of this week, with a doctor's note.....AGAIN. Now, normally I would not begrudge an individual taking time off after an injury...But this is almost a monthly occurrence with her. AND the irritating part, I have a gal who has been in every day with a FRACTURED KNEE CAP and is on CRUTCHES! She has not missed any time at all. I remember when I broke my arm, hand, and wrist....I never missed one hour of work! What is the deal with some individuals that they milk the bad parts of life for everything it can give????

Monday, March 01, 2004

Dear Diary Monday...

To say that today was an improvement in my life would be an understatement!

The energy and drive that was given to me this weekend continued on today. I have purpose, and I truly see it now. I tackled many projects at work, all with the goal in mind that I was going to be leaving 1 hour earlier than normal to try and rescue one cat from The House that would not let me catch him yesterday. I left work today and Mom and I headed down to the house. The minute we started putting food out, here came the cats, including Clover. My mom looked at me as I was talking to Clover and said, "Is this the one we are catching?" "Yes" I said as I was gradually inching closer. My mom put down the can of cat good, walked over, picked up Clover and put him in the carrier....That swift and that fast!! It was astounding!! We then finished up our feeding, carried Clover home and I called Kjori to let her know we had caught him. Mom and I headed to the gym and I had a fantastic work out.....Running into Dylan's mom and dad. When I got home, Kjori came to pick up Clover and could not believe how much weight he had put on. I let her know that she needs to keep me in the loop about that cat, as I might have another group of "Angels" that might want to adopt him. I am just so thrilled that I can see an end to these beautiful creatures horrible existence.....THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE HOMES!!!

Work was great, even though we have a lot of sickness going around. I am accomplishing a great deal and doing my best to keep everyone's attitude upbeat.

Home is great. The folks are well on their way to healing properly and no more bouts of coughing. They are sleeping soundly through the night and neither one is on any type of cold medication anymore. I can see a light at the end of that tunnel as well!

And another positive aspect, I can actually see myself having lost weight....It is finally visible to me. Now, I have not lost astronomical amounts, but I have the determination, I have the desire, and I have the energy to keep this going. I am just so glad that I finally proved to myself that I am worth this kind of commitment!

Best feeling in the world: an unexpected hug from someone, just because they though you could use it.

Positive thought for the day: the energy that you give to the Universe is what comes back three fold. Remember to give positive energy to those around you. An unexpected compliment to a co-worker generates an all day smile.

Sunday, February 29, 2004

Dear Diary Sunday...

Sometimes my Gods and Goddesses come into my life and give me lessons to put things back into perspective. It is not all about how horrible MY life is and how frustrated and upset I AM and I thank them for reminding me of that. Others are much worse off than I am and I am put her on this Earth with a purpose and I was reminded of that purpose yesterday morning.

My mom and I walked down to The House to feed the cats. Many, many of my cats I had not seen since Thursday, including my favorite cat, Clover. I had also not seen my two midget kittens for awhile, so I decided it was time to brave not only the shitty weather, but The House itself and enter it. When I did, I was overwhelmed. Lying right in front of me was the lifeless body of one of the kittens, I don't know how long it had been dead. I quickly wrapped my arms around myself knowing that things were going to be worse, instincts do that for me. I knelt down and picked up the kitten, checking for signs of trauma...Nothing. I then began to go upstairs, hearing movement but not seeing the usual amount of running and hiding cats. I entered the upstairs and was rather surprised to find one of the bedroom doors shut. I went to it, opened it up, and in the room was all of my cats, throwing themselves at the glass window, having been locked in there since at least Thursday, with no food and no water. I hurried and turned around to go outside, knowing that they would begin to follow like the scared, feral cats that they are. Thankfully I had put the food and water already down outside and they all ran to it. I left the house, gathered up my belongings and headed home, and the emotions that were running through me were not on the level of anger...It was something new. I had not even shed a tear as of yet.

I got home and called my contact with No More Homeless Pets and started off the conversation with, "Tjori! Is it a DONE DEAL that this woman is taking these cats?!" She could hear the anger in my voice, said that it was a definite DONE DEAL and then asked me what was wrong. That is when I unloaded on her what I had found. Not only is there now a dead animal in the house (and keep in mind, at this time I have not shared with you how many dead birds I had found in there as well, all decapitated) but now somebody who could only have the trust of those animals had managed to get all of these feral cats into ONE ROOM and left them there to die! She immediately got off the phone with me and started her calls. In 10 minutes she called me back to let me know she had rearranged her work schedule, she would meet me over there in 15 minutes and we would assess the situation.

She met me and we entered the house together. She bagged the small, once beautiful cat, and we went through the house, room by room. She was taking the cat to a vet who works with No More Homeless Pets to have a necropsy and then she dropped the bomb....Starting today we would be trapping the cats and a friend of hers, who has an unfinished basement, would willingly let the cats stay with her for two weeks until the other lady moves them to Colorado with her. I know can see light at the end of the tunnel!! I finally called Dylan, as we were getting together, and told him what had happened, and was finally able to shed tears for that beautiful kitten...A kitten that should have never had to have lived the way that he did or experience in his short time span the true cruelty of what people can do.

The sad news....The necropsy came back last night and the cat died of parvo....A very contagious and lethal disease. Thankfully all of the cats but that small one and one other have had their shots. However, all of my clothes, my shoes, everything had to be doused in bleach to kill the Parvo, as I could bring it home. Thankfully, as well, all of my cats are current on their shots.

It take days like yesterday to remind me what my purpose is. It takes days like yesterday to remind me that I am going to make a difference in this world. It takes days like yesterday to remind me that even on my WORST days, there are creatures that are much less fortunate than I am. Those cats have only begun to understand that a human does not have to be evil, be abusive, be cruel, but is able to love them, care for them, and not bring them harm. Those cats have seen the inside of Hell, have lived in it, but are still able to show me affection and love. I will aspire to be like them, but I also know my purpose is to protect creatures like them, to defend them from that evil, and to make sure that those that are cruel to animals pay for that.

I have a goal.....And as soon as I know those cats are safe, things will start to happen.