Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dear Diary Tuesday...

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!

And especially to my loving husband, Dylan, who every moment of our lives, I realize how blessed I am to have him in mine.

And I came in to work this morning with my annual Valentine's Day surprise from Toni...and awesomely funny card and a beautiful plaque that says, "Special people we meet along life's way, make our journey brighter by the things they do and say." And if you know Toni, it probably just about killed her to get something so mushy for me. Hopefully she will like the gift I put on her desk...not nearly as mushy as hers, but something that will make her think of me....a huge, very soft, very pink kissing frog!!! Yeah, I'm weird...I love frogs and LOVE stuffed animals.

Tonight is kinda up in the air for what Dylan and I are doing. It will totally depend on how tired I am when I get home. We might just crash in the house and make dinner or we might go out....really depends.

And yes, I realize I only have today and tomorrow left at my work, but each day is actually getting harder so I am not really thinking about it.

This weekend is going to involve some major yard work at my folks house and Dylan is going to help. We need to prune their weird cherry tree and the roses. My Dad will be out there supervising, but that is the most he is going to be able to do. I hope to train Dylan in the use of a chainsaw, as I think that will be the quickest way to prune the monstrosity....but we will see how scared he is to be around me AND the chainsaw!