Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday...

So, Saturday night my Mom tripped in the middle of the night and went crashing, head first, into her closet door. She has a HUGE bump on her forehead and her eyes have now gone a horrible shade of purple and red. Oh, and her ankle is also black and red and her knee cap is a nice shade of yellow.....yep, I stopped by the folks house yesterday after work and hung out for awhile!

After that, I went home and Dylan and I had dinner, curled up on the sofa together, and watched a pay-per-view UFC that we had taped over the weekend. It was not the most romantic night in my life, but it was nice to relax with my husband and not be ill or feeling crappy. I think I am finally on the mend.

Dylan is working an obnoxious amount of hours this week, so we are not going to have much of a weekend together. Actually, not ANY of a weekend together, so I am making other arrangments. Saturday, my Mom and I are going to the Farmer's Market and then I am taking her to the King's English bookshop for some browsing and then probably doing a bit of shopping. Sunday I REALLY need to get somethings done around the house for winter, so that will be my priority that day. Friday....not really sure yet but I think Dylan and I might be going to dinner as a belated anniversary dinner, but again, not really sure.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Dear Diary Monday...

The weekend was horrible. I took off work a couple of hours early on Friday and Dylan and I had our "date day" which ended short....I started to feel pretty crappy. I was home and in bed by 8:30. Saturday we got up, I was feeling a bit better and we headed out to do some grocery shopping, then I took the folks to dinner with their friends. I got home, started not to feel very good again, and this time I ended up spending the next 24 hours living in the bathroom....almost literally. I have now ended up with stomach flu and I think I might be at the end of it. I called in sick to work and I have not been out of my pajamas for two days...oh, other than to take the 15 baths to stop the chills and aches that have accompanied this wonderful illness. So, in less than two weeks I have had a horrible cold AND the stomach flu. I hope this is the end of it!

Much, much love out to Toni with the change in her meds, the icky toe, and possible new drug. HOPEFULLY you will start to feel a bit better and have less side effects.