Saturday, March 22, 2003

Dear Diary Saturday...

Okay, let's start off with Friday. Yesterday, I got to work and worked myself until there was pretty much not much work left to do, took no breaks, took no lunch, left at 1:30. Now, I have completely changed my attitude at work, no more bad Thursdays, trying to just stay positive. Do people notice? Oh, very much.....but they think that there is something wrong with me!! Anyways, I left work, Dylan and I got together, had a wonderful dinner at Black Angus, got my Daddy's birthday present, and decided to go and visit our favorite duck park. Little did I know that Insano Canadian Goose now resides there (Dylan and I have named her, but we are not sharing) and this goose would NOT leave me alone. Pretty much every one that I tell this story too is convinced that it is "that time of year" and the goose "liked me", but that goes to a dark place that I don't want to think! Anyways, the damn goose chased me from one end of the park to the other, attacked me, chased me outside of the gate and would not let me come back in AND attacked Dylan and actually did damage to him!!! So, my vengance....I have two very cute geese that are white that love me, they follow me around, honk at me, get all excited when they see me, and I call them "The Sisters". Well, we got evil Insano Canadian Goose to come by the Sisters, and they took him out! Pulled out feathers, chased him into the water, and then bitterly laughed at him! We then left that and went to Dylan's house for a nice evening of relaxing, which we both needed.

Now, on to today. So, I get up and my mother is so ill that I am concerned we are going to the hospital. She has the stomach flu AND a migraine. I finally have got her to the point where she can keep liquid down, the migraine is almost gone, the chills/hot extremes are gone. Now, couple that off with Monday me doing the Indy 500 between work, my dad's doctor's appointment, home, work, and home. Tuesday my dad breaks his tooth and ends up in the dentist. Wednesday my dad has his PSA test. Thursday, my dad looks so horrible that I think we are going to emergency, he has several medical problems while we are at home, I discover that the cold medicine he is taking is actually POISONING him because of his high blood pressure medicine. Friday, attacked by a freakin' goose! And then add today. I am exhausted. AND, I still have my daddy's v-day tomorrow!

Oh, speaking of my daddy's b-day......we were going to do ice cream cake but since I did not dare leave the house, I made cream puffs AND a lemon cake with vanilla frosting for his b-day tomorrow. I also scrubbed ( do to wanting to sanitize and disinfect my entire HOUSE) the entire house, did all of the dusting, washed all of the clothes today so that tomorrow MIGHT be a little relaxing!

Oh, and I forgot....I broke my freakin' glasses!! Well, I actually didn't break them.....I took them off to put them in my purse on Friday to leave and noticed that 1) the one glass was out of the frame, 2) the frame wire that holds both lenses in place was busted, and 3) the entire arm of the one side of my glasses was no longer attached....and it is not even attached by a screw!!! So, sometime in the near future I need to get an eye exam and glasses. Now, this is more funny because I have been bitching to myself that it was time for an eye exam and new glasses, it has only been about 5 years since my last one, and this is the Fates way of making it happen!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Dear Diary Thursday...

It was an odd day. I am back on track with my work load....I have a lot to do, but I am feeling much better about it. I left work today knowing I had accomplished more than I had set out to do, so that made me feel good. The odd part was coming home. My daddy is not feeling well at all. I am not a nurse, but I think because of his high blood pressure, and the medication he is taking, the cold medicine that he has been taking is not doing good things to him. He is very lethargic and I can just tell by the look in his eyes that he is not feeling well. I wish I could make him go to a doctor, but that does not seem to be in the cards. I think once we get past the eye surgery, all will be well. Oh, and I am going to do everything in my power to make sure he has an excellent birthday this Sunday!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Dear Diary Wednesday....

Once again, our office is full of sick people! The gal that sits behind me has the ickiest cold I have ever seen...plugged ears, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, bad voice...the whole works. Everybody has been Lysoling her down like she is carrying the plague, and I am actually alright with that. I have no desire to catch the "gum-boo" at all!!

Yesterday was a strange day. Found out that my daddy broke a tooth, so my mom had to drive him to the dentist. They told me all about this AFTER they got home as they did not want me to miss more work to run him anywhere. SOOOOOO, when she calls me, my sister is trying her damndest to get a hold of one of us as well. Come to find out, my sister's dog, Tally, has inoperable cancer. She is also fighting an infection so the vet has prescribed antibiotics and as soon as the infection is cleared up, they will put her on a steroid to shrink the tumors that are covering her body. She is in no pain, she is not suffering, so the vet told my sister to take it day by day with the dog. My sister is as bad with animals as I am, and unfortunately for her, this will be the second animal in two years she will have to put down. My love and thoughts are with her. So, I get home and my folks are on their way out the door, again, to a dinner party with some friends. So, I decide that I am going to have a relaxing evening....well, that was until my stomach started to act up and I ended up going to bed with a hot pack on my stomach because I just could not stand it anymore! I woke up feeling just as crappy, but I knew I needed to come into work. And it is a good thing I did as the sicko behind me called in sick (THANK THE GODS AND GODDESSES). Can I just say that it is only Wednesday and I am already so exhausted that I am needing the weekend!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2003

Dear Diary Monday...

Okay, today was truly crazy! I got to work, worked my little bum off until 10:15 am, ran home and grabbed the parents, ran them to my dad's doctors appointment, ran them back home, ran back to work, and ran back home at 4:30. Here is the work is at the mouth of Parley's Canyon, I live in West Valley, and my dad's doctor's appointment is on 22 East and South Temple. So yes, I made the trek from each end of the valley all damn day!! And here is the good part....I get to do it all over again on Thursday!!! However, not as bad....I am going to go into work late so I can take my dad to his doctor appointment, bring him back home, and then go to work. Needless to say, I am exhausted and was starving when I got home because I completely forgot to eat today, so dinner was EXTRA good!

Work has been crazy. The research team has been under extra, extra stress because we are trying to not only get caught up, but get everybody else caught up and the work just seems to keep coming. Like I said before, I see a light at the end of the tunnel, it is just the struggle to get to it that is exhausting me!! Oh well, I am actually enjoying most of it, most of the time.

Oh, thank goodness that the weekend is coming soon. My daddy's birthday is on Sunday so I have lots of cooking and cleaning to do in preparation for it. He wants cream puffs AND an ice cream cake AND of course, all of my sibling will be out here on Sunday AND I am planning on taking him to dinner. Should make for a fun weekend, don't you think?

And update on my niece.....she will be having a C-section as she is too small for the baby to turn to go into the birth canal. She is actually VERY excited about the c-section, so I am no longer a nervous aunt. She is going to call me with the exact date, but she is shooint for April 4th or 5th. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!

And thank you to all of the wonderful, beautiful people in my life, who helped me get through a very trying week and weekend. Without you, the days would not have been so bright and cheery and my mood would still be scary. You helped me walk into a beautiful, positive energy filled place where not a ray of negative energy could be found.........