Friday, February 22, 2002

Not such a good day.....

Let's start with the rotten night last night. We had the plumber out to fix our upstairs sink that has been draining incredibly slow. Well, he fixed that, but in the process plugged up the upstairs bathtub, broke the downstairs sink, and broke the main drain pipe in the basement. SOOOOO, I spent the evening cleaning up water all over the laundry room. I went in to work this morning early to finish up anything on my desk, get my bosses desk caught up and leave early. "Oh no!" said the Fates. The server was down on our computers so I only had access to one system. Amazingly, I did get my stuff all finished, but nothing on my bosses. So I came home early, only to find mymother in the most passive aggressive mood. The plumber was here, fixed the main drain, said he would be back in three hours....that was 12:20 and it is now 7:22 pm and he still has not shown...and yes, I have called twice. I am doing laundry, so that is helping. Oh, and I did manage to get my fingernails done for the trip, so that was a plus. However, I am not getting anything done to prepare myself for the trip due to the fact that I now have a raging migraine. I am gonna have to give up, admit defeat to the Fates for today, and go to bed.

Oh, and Toni and Rob made it to Vegas safetly and called to tell me how cool their room is......can't wait until I am there. I am gonna start drinking the minute we get to Vegas, drink the entire time I am there, not allowing one moment of sobreity, until we get home. Be looking for many of those "Priceless" pictures from Toni's camera!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2002

Good day.....

Well, kinda good. Last night was a bad night. I spent the evening with Dylan trying to make him feel better about the whole "being layed off" situation he is dealing with. There is nothing that I hate more than seeing the one that I love more than anything else in the world, having such a tremendous heart ache that it hurts for him to breath. And I feel for his pain because there was a time when I was at First Health when we were going through lay-offs and it was really scary. Now that I have gone through it a few times, it is second nature. But this is his first, and he is scared.

Oh, only three more days until Vegas for us. Dylan needs this trip more than anything right now. My only concern is that he won't enjoy it much, that he will continuously be thinking about what he will be coming back to. Toni and I are planning on getting him so drunk that when he wakes up in bed with Rob and a sheep he won't even care!!!!

Work is going well. Tuesday was a REALLY bad day. They forgot to put the message on our phones that we were closed on Monday, so we had 154 messages on our answering machine...that was a fun day!!!!