Thursday, October 11, 2001

See, I told you the video would work! Now the inside of my house is all nicely decorated and I have a stack of stuff to take to my work to decorate there as well! Now if it would just stop raining, I could decorate outside as well!!! Hell, the rain fairies are out to get me!

Home, home, home, home.....

That is where I am today. I awoke with a headache, not horrible, but annoying, and decided that was "somebodys" way of telling me take a "ME" I did. I have been a slug, did a couple of loads of laundry, keep drifting in and out of sleep. I think I am going to pop in "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and get the spirit in me....ASAP. It is interesting when your body decides to make you stop and smell the roses........

Anyways, this will be another "Halloween" weekend. I have lots and lots of shopping to do. I need to buy the inevitable load of pumpkins, then I need to get some candy, then I need to buy my costume for the party. Oh, and I am sure a few more things will pop up for my purchasing needs. Any ideas?????

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

So, my mood is very bad. And I use the word "bad" in the fashion of "nothing can make me happy" kinda way.

Co-workers are getting VERY irritating. "Grunter" has decided that she only needs to work half days, or to call in sick in conjunction with her Wednesday day off. Then I have another co-workers, we will call her "young-un" who has become obsessed with me being a withc and has decided to ask me every question under the sun. Now, normally that would be okay, but it is Wednesday and she is doing this ALL THE TIME FOR THE LAST THREE DAYS! Do I have tattooed on my forhead "TUTOR"? I don't think so.....

Then we have the old co-workers, who still e-mail me, wanting to discuss the downside of having an affair and want me to be supportive. I have tried, do not get me wrong...but I think all of the positive life energy has been SUCKED right out of me this week! I can't even really get into the Halloween spirit, which usually encompasses me all year long. I think I need to call in sick one day.

Other than the terrible funk I am in, life generally sucks at home as well. The parental units are not speaking, STILL. The male brother that lives at home has been irritating again with his never ending soap opera life with the whore. The siblings out of state have been calling, for what reason only the Gods and my father know.

Okay, I think I am through bitching for now.

Tuesday, October 09, 2001

Okay, thanks to Dylan you can now add a comment and expect a retaliation. Don't hold your breath, but I might add something myself.

Going out pumpkin shopping again tonight. Don't think 47 pumpkins will quite satisfy my need to carve into flesh, so I gotta buy more!!!!

Monday, October 08, 2001

Wow, long time....

I can't believe how long it has been since the last writing! What a slackard am I!

Anyways, had a great weekend. I took work off on Friday and spent the day shopping with my mom. Then Saturday I spent the day cleaning, picking pumpkins, and then to the Haunted Hollow. It is the first time that I have gone to the Haunted Hollow and it was great! I was scared, but I did spend a lot of the time looking at stuff. However, I still enjoy the Haunted Forrest more. Then Sunday I got to spend with Dylan. We shopped, watched a scary movie, relaxed! What more can a girl ask for!

Oh, back to the pumpkins. We cleaned the pumpkin patch out and I managed to grow 47 pumpkins! How cool for me!! However, the list of people asking for me to carve a pumpkin continues to grow. I now have the local church asking me to do a couple of decorated pumpkins for them. How strange is that????

On to this weekend.........