Thursday, January 24, 2002

OH MY GOSH!.....kinda day.......

Yep, trying to cut down on the use of bad is not working, but I will keep trying. Plus, I love that is sooooo cute!!

Let me just start with apologizing to anybody that has e-mailed me and/or called and I have not responded. I have been incredibly wrapped up in work and not thinking of anything else and by the time I get home from work and/or the gym, all I want is a hot tub full of bubbles, a good book, and my bed. I will resolve to get better about contacting the human race once again.

Work was insane...again. Yesterday was a horrible day. Rotten mood that just got worse as the day progressed. By the time I left work I had a headache, a tummy ache, and just didn't want to all. Ended up going home, not going to the gym, and crashing all night. Work today was more insane than yesterday, but I tried to keep my mood light. I was told by many people, yesterday, last night, and today, that when I am such a pissy bitch that it effects all those around me, and I guess yesterday was a prime example. The entire floor was whispering about why I was so pissy and today I had several people apologize to me if they had made me mad.....which none of them did. The kind words and thoughts were appreciated, but I need to pay attention more to my mood. Also, I don't like feeling that poopy when I leave! What a drain on the psyche to be so negative and that was a WHOLE bunch of bad karma I threw into the universe.....need to do some heavy repairing for that.......

Oh, good news is that the Super Wal-Mart is opening up and I am hangin' there on Saturday! I am taking the parents out to breakfast and then going SHOPPING! Now, I know that sounds boring, but I really need some brainless activity for a few hours. The other good news is that the love of my life knows how horrible the last few weeks have been so he is going to do everything he can to make it a great, he really needs to do that since every weekend with him is great! Oh, and I just can't wait for our vacation in February!!!! I am keeping my thoughts towards that( and going to the gym) and it brings more positive energy into my life.

Wow, sounds like Connie has been pretty pukey! Poor kid. Many good thoughts and blessings go out to her.

Oh, and don't forget that Grace will be starting her new job soon.....keep good thoughts for her as well, since starting a new job is always a little scary at first.

And as for Scottie......I just adore you. You know how proud I am of you for everything you do in your life, and being honest for the sake of your well-being is only the very tip of that "proud" iceburg. I am glad that I am not going to have to threaten or scream obscenities out a car window at this one, though.

Oh, I ran into Jeffy this weekend at Cahoots.....what a babe!! He is doing well, been enjoying the Sundance, hanging out and taking good care of himself. I miss my Jeffy. I am looking forward to everyone getting together to play Fly's up....oh, and we have a new volunteer to take on Rob....that would be the "wanna-be Mexican" Brian......that is gonna be sooooooooo funny!!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Ho-hum day.......

Yesterday ended up not being a good day. We have all lost our COMP time ability and now I am expected to do the amount of work that I have in an 8 hour shift, no overtime, no comp time. That is impossible, especially with THE GRUNTER being gone because they expect me to pick up her job as well. And I found out that the person who I thought was my friend, has truly stabbed me in the back to make her way up the corporate ladder. So, I made some decisions last night. One, come into work, do your job, go home. The more quite that I am, the more work I seem to get finished. Two, keep your mouth shut. The less people I talk to you, the less that they have to talk about. May sound cold, but the older I am getting, the wiser I am. "Closed mouth catches no flies."

Other than that...still looking forward to the weekend......

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Snowy Day......

The drive in was good until the man in front of me started to slide off of 1300 East and I hit the same patch of ice. It sucked.

Work has been really good today. I got my desk cleaned off, have kept my faxes up and current, and even got a minute to do this blog! Now that is the kind of day that I like. However, with every silver lining comes the black cloud and my black cloud is THE GRUNTER. She is having medical problems, pretty nasty ones, and it looks like she is going to milk the situation for everything. This week and next I would put a beat that she will be in maybe a total of 2 days....if that. SOOOOO, I am sure that her work will roll down to the rest of us! Oh well.

Oh, and today is Jer-Bear's official b-day....make sure to send him a happy birthday note.

Still looking forward to the weekend.....

Monday, January 21, 2002

Day one.....

First day with no carbonation. Oh wait, second day because I did not have any yesterday either! My body has decided that carbonation is no longer a friend, therefore, no more intake. Day one of my "regular" work out routine...or at least I am hoping. I will be making an attempt to do five days out of seven. Well, we will see what happens.

Had an okay weekend. I spent Sunday shopping with Dylan and then we went over to the Poors for his birthday and to have dinner with them. It was nice hanging out and checking out Jeremy's new POLICE gear for the Olympics. The kids were as wonderful as ever. Brian was entertaining and we didn't fight at all. Wow, new beginnings all around. I was really sorry that I didn't get a chance to go and see "Blackhawk Down" on Saturday, since I was at a hockey game, but it sounded like the Poors had a really good time. It is sad that not more people showed up, but they had a good time nonetheless.

Saturday was a helluva lot of fun. Went to a hockey game with Dylan, Toni, and Rob and ended up hitting a woman with a foam hockey puck and it bounced off of her and hit her boyfriend. Then Toni and started chanting FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT and made a row full of guys in front of us turn around like we were freaks....which we are. Then I yelled out "BITCH" at one of the players and offeneded the little kids in front of us. Oh, and Toni started the evening off by spraying herself with ketchup!

Friday was a blah blah blah evening. Oh well.

Is it too early to say that I am looking forward to this weekend already?