Friday, July 09, 2004

Dear Diary Friday....

The move is coming along...not quickly but it is coming along. I moved all of my Windstone figures to the house, we have our bed, our washer and dryer, and new kitchen chairs. I managed to clean up the kitchen after it was "totaled" by myself and my Daddy bringing in a whole bunch of boxes. This weekend I am planning on moving the majority, if not all, of my possessions into the house and making it my space. Dylan and I are also going to do some shopping and sometime this weekend we will be adopting a beautiful cat from Connie....that is the part I am most excited for.

Work has been interesting. I am going to be starting a new project and will be helping with entering correspondence into our imaging system. The only problem is that the imaging system is not working...kinda makes that job a little difficult. It has also been very busy, but that was expected since it was a holiday week.

All in all, life has been wonderful and very blessed and things are finally coming together nicely. It is so pleasurable seeing the happiness radiating out from Dylan because of how excited he is that we have finally moved in together and are well on our way to a new chapter of our lives.

And I am sending out lots and lots of happy energy to Chet and Shane....I hope you boys have a wonderful time, spend lots of energy on one another, and relax....really, really relax.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Dear Diary Wednesday,

Sorry I have been such a slackass on keeping up on this, but the whole "house" thing has kept me busy. We have furniture, Dylan is mostly moved in, I still have yet to pack one thing. I will be spending every night for the remainder of this week moving stuff over and hopefully will be able to start spending my nights there as well.

All in all, it has been a totally positive experience, but not one that I want to do over.

A huge THANK YOU and a big wet smoochy kiss to Shane, Chet, Rob, and Toni for all of their time, their talents, their help, their brute strength, and just their friendship in total for this last weekend. I love you bunch very, very much and am so very thankful to have yo in my lives. Oh and Toni, no puking in my house....EVER!

Now we need to start planning the house warming party.......